Sick Bay - 99% finished, play beta online & offer feedback

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  • New Hosting for game. Link below is good to go.

    Feedback time:

    Hello C2 Community. This is my first game using the awesome engine that is C2. It is intended for android/iOS release, but for easier testing purposes I have a web version ready to play. Your time and comments are greatly appreciated! One question I always have when testing another creator's game is, "Have you actually beat/won your own game?" and the answer for Sick Bay is, "Yes, I can now, but it's not a guarantee every time I try. "

    Back Story:

    In the year 2124, human health is monitored by “PhDs”, or personal health droids. These nanobots are injected into the blood stream at birth and travel throughout their human host until their day of decommissioning. On occasion these PhDs will malfunction, ignore their protocol and begin mutating the surrounding organic tissue’s DNA to metalloid. At this point the human must go to sector 12G or, as it’s more commonly known, "Sick Bay". Once there, a human doctor and rescue pod are miniaturized and injected into the circulatory system to seek out and destroy the faulty PhD.

    Game Play Tips:

    Avoid colliding with red blood cells to maximize your score. Bacteria, once they detect you, can not be avoided. Allow yellow missile capsules to collide with the pod to collect more artillery. Armed probes can be destroyed. Shock mines can not be destroyed. Once the PhD has been located, find it's weak point and destroy it.

    Good luck and thanks again!

    Make sure to play with the sound up. lots of booms!

    ---------- Click to play Sick Bay -----------

  • Looks awesome, cant wait for the release! It's kind of hard to play on the computer because the missle and up and down buttons are far away from each other. Also I would put the start game button above the backstory button because most people usually are use too just clicking the top button to start the game.

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  • Thanks, I'm looking for those little tweaks like button placement too. Great suggestion. I can change the keyboard buttons, what would be a better choice for web testing?

  • awesome lighting effects, O.O

  • awesome lighting effects, O.O

    Thanks Additive layer setting opened a lot of cool lighting possibilities

  • Well if you want to release it for ios/android, i wouldn't change the whole movement system, but for the web i think there should be a keyboard button to press for the missiles.

    Edit: Oh there is a button for the missiles lol.

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