SharkBite - 8-bit inspired shark game (updated)

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  • For the first time I've added a game on Google Play. I've been playing around with Construct 2 a while, but never got to the point where I created a game, and published it like this. Therefore I would love to get some feedback, and hear how the game works, and please give me some feedback on how to improve both the visuals and the mechanics/flow.

    The game is a shark attack game inspired by the retro NES era.

    Play it here: Google Play (now ver. 2.0)

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  • Updated to 2.0.

    I have now added Google Play services in my game. You can now level up (first level up is at only 5 kills). For each level you get xp points you can use to upgrade your shark.

    I have also added some achievements to the game. See if you can unlock them.

    Feedback request:

    • Would've been awesome if anyone could check if the game services works, and the IAP (click on the "remove ads", no need to click pay).
    • Any bugs
    • Suggestions to improve game mechanics to make the game better
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