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  • Log Entry #6

    Stardate: -308694.4406392695

    Today: Announcing the Demo & Talking about included features.

    So, the demo will basically be a light version of the Shadows of War Alpha.

    That includes less Locations, Maps, Modis & Backgrounds.

    Locations included in the demo:

    Big City


    Featured Maps:








    Conquest 500

    That means the content included in the Alpha Demo is about 20-25% of content from the final game.

    This is of course a significant amount, but beware, the Demo won't get the new features or improvements if they get implemented in the "Final" game.

    Bugs of the Alpha Demo will be fixed till a certain degree.

    Still, alone in the Demo you have about 64 different possibilites how to configure the battle.

    In the normal version we currently have 3024 and it will get more in the future, hopefully, much more

    The date isn't set yet, but we are planning to release the Alpha Demo in the near future (Next month).

    As a little site note: The Demo WILL have multiplayer.

    One of the things why we ain't sure when to release is, is that we are waiting for a new Node-Webkit version with the new Chromium.

    If there are any more questions, ill gladly answer them

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

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  • Log Entry #7

    Stardate: -308690.98173515976

    It hasn't been long time since the last post, but we anyway have new informations to share:

    We have got accepted as developers on IGS (, that means:

    SoW will be featured on IGS, not only the final game, but already in the Alpha!

    By having made this choice, we want to get more feedback & funds to support and improve SoW.

    This will have the effect that SoW will be even better then initally planned!

    Thats a great thing, aint it?

    Now to what we have achieved in SoW in the past few days/weeks:

    The new map is finished! Take a look:

    It's just the plain map finished currently, but the tunnel background is still being worked on

    As said, it have the unique gameplay changer, that there are NO air units, artillery or support strikes available.

    I really think that my parter did a great job on this map

    Besides having a new map finished, we invested some time in improving the collision polygons of the units.

    Also, we did some intensive multiplayer testing, and found many bugs that now are fixed.

    All of the Collision Polygons for the units got improved and updated.

    So now the performance also should get a little improvements

    In the next few days/weeks, we will further improve the backgrounds and some unfinished assets/replace placeholders.

    It's quite a short post this time, but there is so much left to do!

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

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  • Development Status update #1

    Stardate: -308642.4942922374

    So heres a little picture showing the roadmap of the development:

    And i also wanted to note that most multiplayer bugs have been fixed, and the 0.6.x branch is almost ready to launch

    SoW is already on Steam Greenlight, so please drop by and vote for it maybe even share it, since every vote helps.

    There's even a youtuber that made a video about shadows of war, you can check it out here.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

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  • Looks nice. Just voted on Steam.

  • Bl4ckSh33p thanks

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  • Looks really nice. I dread to think what it will run like on either of my PCs, the Media Center or the two laptops.... none of them have enough graphics memory or horsepower.

  • Content Update

    It's finally the day.

    Shadows of War has launched as an Alpha version on, it is available in it's currently Alpha state, for 9.99$ (-25% for 24 hours).

    The multiplayer is included, so you will hopefully be able to play against somebody already now

    But if you are not sure about wether to buy or not to buy, you can try out the free light alpha on Shadows of War`s IndieDB site:

    As a little reminder, please don't forget to vote for Shadows of War on Steam Greenlight

    and maybe even share it with your friends:

    As a little report about how the Greenlight campaign is going:

    We are currently 47% of the way to the Top 100 and we will hopefully be able to push it much further in the next few days with your support. The game has now been for some time on Greenlight and we hope to be able to get alot further soon.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

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  • Log Entry #8

    Stardate: -308447.6312785389

    So, Shadows of War is on Steam Greenlight (Little reminder ):

    You can download the Free Light Alpha here on IndieDB:

    Now to what I've achieved in SoW the past few days/weeks:

    As you may know, or not know, first our plans of how we wanted to share the story of SoW was,

    to tell it with the help of text logs, that get activated as you play.

    But now, after some work, we've decided to change that, and make a proper campaign, since that probably is the better solution.

    So as this is in the works and currently in the 0.7.x branch, we want to improve everything and hopefully soon,

    when we merge the 0.6.x and 0.7.x branch, make it available for all who bought SoW in the Alpha state.

    We worked on 2 New maps, called Hill 116 and Highlands. Take a look here:

    As you can see these maps are more focused on Heights and Downs, other then the Flatland

    But this isn't the only thing, it's been a very long time since the last update, se we have also worked on the GUI Design:

    (You may need to Right-Click and select View Image in order to see everything)

    Focusing on making it more clean and simple. We really feel like this is the way to go, and are pleased with the results.

    As you also can see, the Options Menu have gained some adjustments and improvements, as well as some more options.

    Options such as the Physics setting, Mouse Zoom option and wether to use Framerate Independent Physics or not.

    This time we have more art focused changes, of course we have in preperation for the Alpha release, found and fixed alot of bugs,

    as well as made some balance adjustments, to make the units more fitting to the Rock, Paper, Scissor principes.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

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  • Shadows of War has now been available in it's Alpha/Beta phase for a while on Desura.

    Now, it is time to unveil the release date for the finished version.

    19th September 2014

    If you thought about getting Shadows of War, now is the time, as for the release, the price will get a bit higher.

    Also, as a little tip, you should follow us on Twitter,

    since we will give away some Desura keys on the launch date, on our Twitter page.

    The changes for the release aren't really big, mostly bug fixes and smaller improvements.

    However, it isn't everything, there will be 5 new parts for PGM for more variety.

    That's about it then

    We hope you buy it, if not, make sure to follow us on Twitter to have a chance grabbing a key for Desura.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to check out our Twitter & Facebook,

    to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

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  • That seems a lot of memory usage. I've never been too sure on this point though. I've tried to keep my smallish game under 100mb targeting desktop. But i guess as long as it's below what the graphics card has it's ok? I wonder what todays average pc has?

  • Confirmed: Shadows of War has been Greenlit and will be released on Steam

  • BIg congrats on your greenlight

  • Congrats, it's great to see more C2 games making its way onto Steam.

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