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  • I am making a sprite rendering test as we speak - just rendering an increasing number of sprites, rendering rotating sprites and rendering sprites which keep resizing. I'll make something about physics too, but i doubt that there is a sure way to test this due to the non deterministic nature of the physics engines (and due to just how differently collisions are handled). Either way, i'll post results later, but i might need assistance if you want to test WebGL performance, because my laptop doesn't support it (i'll just put up the files and you can test on your rig then, ok?)...

  • sounds like a good way to determine if there really is such a big gap between CC and C2.

    Im very interested in the results <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • SgtConti Okay, i made a post with 3 benchmarks, you can check it out here: link.

    No physics tests as of yet, only basic rendering, but this seems like the logical thing to start with.

    I'd appreciate if you'd post your results there too!

  • Log Entry #1

    Stardate: -308855.91615931

    In the past time, we've been working alot on improving existing textures, sprites, event groups & more.

    That results in: A new GUI style, less CPU utilisation and an overall better experience.

    So while waiting for the Official multiplayer plugin, we've been doing quite alot.

    2 New maps are almost done, now to what i have found out in these past few days/weeks:

    How to make a bullet fly in a parable. That is ideally for an Artillery Unit (RTS) or something similar.

    So, how have i done that? It took me some time to figure out, but heres how:

    Bullet set Angle: Bullet.Angle + (80/(Distance/BulletSpeedPerSecond))

    Here's how it looks like:

    I updated it a bit to work framerate independent. So, this may be simple, but gave me alot of headache to figure out.

    now, a bit explanation:

    80 = The angle between 320 (Spawn Angle of the bullet) & 40 (Expected Impact Angle of the bullet)

    1200*dt = The speed the bullet is travelling, this makes the whole thing Framerat Independent.

    From The V0.4.9 to V0.5 there are also changes in the CSS code, i improved it to have much less lines than before.

    I've also added an 8K resolution option. This may seem a bit overkill, but there are surely some people that want to use Downscaling.

    The project is very far now, and only a few things will be added over time (Especially the MP will be finished).

    So the main time will now be used for Balancing, Fixing, Improving & Implementing the multiplayer (with the official plugin).

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

    • Conti
  • Log Entry #2

    Stardate: -308844.3835616438

    Most of us are now aware of the presence of the Official Multiplayer plugin coming.

    When the Development for SoW began, there was (As far as i know) no clue that such an official would come in the nearest future. (Ca. 9 Months ago)

    But i had thought very well about how to use Socket.IO , i even went that far, to make a tutorial about Socket.IO so others could learn to use it.

    Then the news came on twitter "Multiplayer is coming", thats the point where i abandoned Socket.IO and saw new possibilities,

    every unit would be abled to sync it's position with the enemy. Added to that, when i began the Development for SoW,

    there were no RTS game made with C2 in that scale that i wanted it to do, yes, SoW is my first project and yes, i have/am reworking most parts of my first attempts with C2. My point is, that even though it currently looks like an impossible task to do with C2, it is possible,

    since C2 is growing even further, beyond it's border, with every new Release Cycle.

    But if you are new to C2, and now are thinking "Yes i can do everything in my first project", a good tip from me:

    Make a test project, where you test out your idea before implenting it into the actual game, that way, you cant break anything while testing new ideas/functions &more.

    Now to the actual progress of SoW, the Options menu is almost done (Yay):

    And all the options in there are also almost working bug-free

    Also, i have done some big additions, that i wont talk more about, since i then would blow this post away with information.

    But, here is how I've done the Build Bar (Indicating how much time is left till the unit is build)


    But of course we want it to be invisible when it's not active:

    A bit of math: ((1.4-ObjectWithTimer.Timer.TotalTime("TimerForUnitBuilding"))/1.4) * 111

    The normal explanation:

    1.4 = Time for the Timer (The time it takes till the unit is build/deployed)

    111 = Width of the Build Bar

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

    • Conti
  • Development goals.

    Now, i don't know how far you are along with the project, but i'd like to give you the following quote: "When you are writing the GDD, you are not making a game. When you are creating art, you are not making a game. Even when you are working on the sound effects and music, you are not making a game. Why? Because at the end of these activities you don't have a functioning game." Well, i'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea. It's the result that counts and to achieve it you need to actually create something that's playable. Because of this, you should put gameplay mechanics in front of the content generation and refine those first, before making more maps, units etc. I am just saying this because otherwise frustration will set in quicker, e.g. if you try to make 10 unit types in a row without working on something else. If this is your first project, i'd recommend this approach, and i would even suggest that you save the more advanced features, such as the multiplayer, for later.

    To shorten this:

    Graphics and sounds is like wallpaper and fittings on a house. They're nice to look at from the start, but you don't install these until you've build the structure to support them.

    Build the structure to the game, then worry about graphics & sounds.

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  • Log Entry #3

    Stardate: -308797.2888127854

    The multiplayer plugin has been released today, so many of us have looked into how it works.

    My first impressions: It needs time to learn everything completely.

    It has the most/best functionality than any other Thrid Party multiplayer plugin.

    Ive already worked a few hours with it, and i already can see the light at the end of the tunnel,

    since im making an RTS, i dont need input prediction or lag compensation (probably).

    That saves me alot of time, mostly only the units need to get their position synced.

    Here a bit of math: 1000 Units x 8 byte (Angle and Position) = 8000 bytes = 8Kbps.

    So the problem with the bandwidth limit, is not present for me,

    another plus point for having only 2 players per room

    But what is going to happen with the multiplayer (Construct 2) once it's out of Beta?

    There has been mentioned fees for using the signalling server, additional license and similar stuff.

    All of that listed above, would be fully understandable, since we currently use server capacity for free.

    So at least I would have no problem with additional fee, since that also would support scirra even further

    But on the other hand, i also can see the developer that want's to develop and test his multiplayer,

    without additional fees (Per month or Per year) so he can keep the costs low before releasing the actual game.

    No matter what Scirra does, im sure it's the right thing, and that it benefits everyone.

    At least the Multiplayeris great from what ive experienced till now, and i appreciate it really, really much.

    Now to what ive achieved in SoW in the past few days/weeks:

    Mostly fixes and improvements on things like: Maps, Texts, HUD, Fonts and other art.

    But the biggest change is going to be the addition of Multiplayer in the ltest build(0.5.2) & the 2 new maps that got added, Highway & The Bridge:

    Someday im going to make an overview with all maps that will be available on release

    The current count of maps that we have: 6 Different maps ranging from a width of 4000 to 8000 pixel.

    This time im not explaining anything but maybe next time.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

    • Conti
  • I love they way this looks, keep up the good work.

  • Log Entry #4

    Stardate: -308759.6156773211

    It's about 2 weeks since the multiplayer plugin has been released, and i've almost completely integrated it into the game.

    So, what is my opinion on this?

    It's great, and easy to use. But, the learning curve is a bit steep, i used some time to actually figure out how to handle the unit picking and things.

    Thanks to jayderyu i finally figured it out a few days ago.

    In some days ill probably post a video showing off that the multiplayer works pretty good, and that it is possible to use it for an RTS.

    Sadly i couldn't use the template that much, except for the very basics.

    Of course, sometimes, the basics is the core, and without the core, we couldnt build up the things around the core.

    Well, i hope we see some nice updates and the final multiplayer in some weeks

    Also, im very glad that Ashley fixed that the NW export finally uses the real fullscreen mode, and not borderless windowed mode.

    Now to what ive achieved in SoW in the past few days/weeks:

    The multiplayer is almost working perfectly, many images has been improved.

    Also, the performance has got seriously improved, still without asm.js as physics (I hope Ashley someday will fix the collision thing),

    but i decreased the CPU utilisation about 5% (3.8GhZ). There also were some bugs that got fixed.

    Even if the performance got increased, the backgrounds got more life, there is more stuff going on in the background then ever before,

    Bullets in the background (Big City), Windmills with random scale, speed & position (Village), and birds everywhere! (Literally spoken )

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

    • Conti

    P.s thanks dthomasdigital for those nice words

  • This looks like a very exiting game. Can't wait to give it a shot.

  • SgtConti

    Thanks, not sure entirely what I did. But your welcome. I'm usually pretty good at coming up with technical solutions

  • Mrsuzi thanks we're working really hard on maybe publishing a demo (With multiplayer) in the next few weeks.

    jayderyu You helped me out here,

    and yes, you're pretty damn good at helping people out here

  • Log Entry #5

    Stardate: -308715.5707762556

    So now, the multiplayer is working really great, and its more fun then i thought it would be

    The next few days we will work out a "Propaganda Plan", how we will handle marketing, that plan probably includes a demo, next month

    That means you may be able to test and see SoW for yourself, of course it will be a limited demo,

    with a few things disabled (Mostly maps, backgrounds & locations).

    The Demo will be maintained with bug fixes, but probably no new functions.

    Now to what we have achieved in SoW in the past few days/weeks:

    As said, the multiplayer is working pretty good.

    A new map is in work and almost finished/ready to show.

    The special thing about this map will be, you will only be able to use infantry units, vehicles & Tanks.

    That means no Support Strikes, & no air units.

    Also, some minor improvements/fixes, the positioned audio also got some improvements,

    additional to that, there has been some balancing to the MLRS.

    And, last but not least, there has been a massive revamp in the "code",

    re-arranged many things and made them much more efficient/using less events.

    So most of it should be future-proof now.

    This is only a small log entry, since we are preparing 6 days of updates (19.-25. April), why?

    Since its, as we call it, The Right Initiative Week. Where we will make some announcements & other stuff, why these dates?

    We mark the 19. April to be the begin of SoW & TRI.G, since we began the development of SoW back then (2013).

    And the 25. April is the 115th day of the year

    One last thing: You may remember me saying the options menu was almost finished? I was wrong!

    After some rework and additions, i splitted the Low Quality option into Amount of Particles & Shader Effects.

    As well as i made the keys rebindable.

    Here you can see it after the change (All Time stats were also added to the menu):

    Thank you for reading, be sure to checkout our Twitter & Facebook, to get the recent news about SoW and other projects

    • Conti
  • Look great dude! Keep the good work!

  • Rushino thanks we're doing our best.

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