The Serene Sky

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  • Thanks for feedback, nice to see, you like the game. I thought, basic mechanics would be almost clear after first level, but I guess, few more levels are needed just to understand the idea.

    You are most welcome!

    The mechanics were clear after the first level. I somehow (thinking Tetris) assumed that I could rotate the blocks. I tried that but when it didn't happen I eventually realized that it is about gravity and how the blocks fall and collide finally sliding to their correct slots. Once I figured that out then the game was a breeze.

  • I somehow (thinking Tetris) assumed that I could rotate the blocks.

    Then, the only phraze in tutorial should be "You can't rotate the blocks. Good luck"

    Anyway, I'll make one more level, where players shouldn't think to solve it, as the first one doesn't show much physics.

  • That would actually be enough! just to kill the confusion...

  • Game updated!


    What's new:

    + New buttons

    + New main block

    + New blinds (higher quality)

    Before - after

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  • really good graphics man

  • [quote:ehk3h9vj]

    You should unfreeze shapes in the correct order, so they fall and fit into holes on the ground.

    There is no only correct way to play:

    As it is a logical game, you can think several steps ahead and solve all puzzles in an unhurried manner.

    Otherwise, combine your savvy, intuition and skill to find even more inventive solutions.


    * Original mechanics

    * Great atmosphere

    * Living world

    * Full interactivity

    I have finished the game: 80 levels, 7 mechanics. Enjoy)




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