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  • here is my work in progress for a game called Sector Patrol; ... index.html

    it's my take on the old Starfleet - The War Begins by Trevor Sorensen;

    the controls are detailed at the end of this post;

    The problem is that there is supposed to be an intro screen and mission description screen that is supposed to appear before you get into the game, these are in their own layouts (i.e. Layout #1 - intro screen, Layout #2 - mission description screen, Layout #3 - Main Game screen);

    is there a way to figure out why the game starts on Layout #3, i exported it as a HTML5 website and followed the default settings to put it in the dropbox public folder;

    anyway, here are the controls for the game:

    right click on enemies to target them or press 'R' to target the nearest one;

    left click on the enemy or press 'Z' to launch torpedoes

    press 'X' to fire Ion Beam to disable them, beam uses energy in direct proportion to distance from target;

    press 'L' or the LRS button to access the map, can travel to different sectors by the 'Initiate FTL' button or can launch a probe if there is enough energy;

    hopefully Shield controls and Damage controls are self explanatory, but can double click directly on the shield to raise it by 100 energy units;

    Dock with a starbase by right clicking on it and press 'Y';

    will be adding in new features regularly;

  • whoops! forgot about the 'project properties' settings

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  • I don't understand any of your game, I never understand these type of games I can never understand how to play them D: it looks great though

    Anyways, have you dragged the layouts in descending order of how you want them to appear in the project panel?

  • yeah, I guess I should be more clear;

    essentially, the white triangle represents your ship and the red diamonds represent the enemy, the goal is to eliminate 40 of them without hopefully losing any of the starbases (the yellow circle) which are scattered randomly on the map;

    there is some energy management involved while your trying to do this, specifically, making sure there's enough energy to power the shields and weapons while still being able to move to different sectors;

    the buttons near the bottom have to do with damage control, shield controls and the Long Range Sensors (LRS);

    the damage control uses energy to help reduce the repair time of a damaged system,

    the shield controls provide more narrow control over the 4 separate shields around the ship,

    and the LRS is the map which is used to travel around in;

    anyway, i'm working on a tooltip function which will hopefully provide info during the gameplay;

    BTW, i figured out how to start the layouts correctly, it was just a simple initial layout selection in project properties;

  • a minor update uploaded;

    variety of bug fixes and play balancing;

    started making a tool tip messages, easier way to 'DOCK' with a starbase, also added ability to deploy mines to hinder enemy movement - press 'B' to lay mines

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