The Secret - A Point and Click Horror Adventure Game

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  • Hi Friends.

    I am using Construct 2 to develop a Point and Click game "The Secret" for Android, iOS and HTML5.

    The Secret is already developed on PC using another game development engine. Now I'm using Construct 2 to port it on Android and other platforms.


    Four men mysteriously disappear form the house. Some says they are kidnapped and some says they have found a treasure and are hiding from government

    As a private investigator, you decided to investigate this house to unveil the secret behind this story.

    What exactly has happened? Is it true that there is a hidden treasure in this house?


    Point and Click game

    Horror-Adventure genre

    Exciting and interesting story-line

    Easy gameplay

    Amazing, difficult and challenging puzzles to solve


    The Secret got a Official review. Check it out now.


    Stay Tuned for Android, iOS and HTML5 veriosn....

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  • Looks cool Will check it out

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