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  • Hello Constructors,

    I'm working on a little dungeon game with a few puzzles.

    I've add some basics but there is a huge list of things i need to do.


    You wake up in a dungeon with 3 bombs, a sword and a bow but no arrows.

    Purpose or luck?

    Your mission is to escape out of the dungeon.


    Option to change the language

    Support xbox-controller

    3 weapons (sword / bomb / bow )




    Respawn and save system

    A lot of graphics / animations

    and more



    Arrow-Keys to move

    Space to use the weapon

    B to drink a potion

    C and V to choose a weapon


    D-Pad to move

    A-Button to use weapon

    B-Button potion

    Shoulder buttons (LB & RB) to choose a weapon



  • Add:

    a golden chest with random loot (potion, bombs, arrows)

    moveable stones

    a few tiles

    a really simple startscreen

  • Add:

    A tower (shoots in 4 directions)

    Moving spikes

    Both are sprites of a zelda game

    A switch to open doors with a block



  • Add:

    Random moving ai


    Signs without text

    Part of the first Stage without monsters..


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  • Good job Muffinmax! It's shaping up quite well.

    I noticed a bug in that when you blow a hole in the wall the adjacent room lights up, but if you leave and come back the room is blackened out but you can still enter it.

    Keep up the good work though!

  • Thanks ryanrybot

    I fixed it



    (only tested with a xbox one controller)

  • Add:

    2 rooms

    torch object but no lighteffect

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