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  • hi guys,

    i'm starting a new project that i will currently not upload about anything here (will do later),

    but i was wondering, how many of you would enjoy playing a topdown scrolling

    shooter where you drive a boat against a bunch of sea monsters - shooting torpedos, lazers, and stuff, battling bosess and more?

    Thnx for answer and i will show you my current state of sea monsters in a couple of days (when first 3 levels are done)

  • Sounds like a fun idea, the graphics will be a very important part of this

  • indeed. i'm doing a 2D game that "feels like 3D", something of an top down view under an angle.

    it's really hard to do graphics for that though, collisions and everything. but yeah, i will probably run that game on web/windows for start, maybe later for phones and more.

    we're only a 2 man team so it takes a while with job and stuff to make the game (my work day is 8hours job + 4-5hours game, so i have a small amount left for gym/gf/playin' games actually :/)

  • Keep it simple.

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  • added loading screen screenshot, soon game screenshots


  • there's a lot to do, but here's the general image. seems pretty empty a lot and stuff, but once i finish there will be bombZ, enemies, clutter, explosions, and much much more

    hope you will enjoy it once it's done.

  • i've finally completed generating level 1 (around 3 mins generated terrain). at the end is a boss fight which will hopefully if i balance it good last at least another 2-3 minutes which will make a great first level .

    this will be a PC exclusive (because it's hard to make it mobile and will use a bit more memory then most games) - will go through html:

    Now here's a list of todo:

    • add enemies with pathfinding and line of sight
    • create a function to update enemy animation depending on their angle (that's how my ship works too)
    • generate enemies througout level
    • create their movements
    • fix mine coloring
    • add "death" animations to some objects that yet have no death animation
    • add boss enemy
    • think of and implement boss fight / boss AI
    • fix effects like boat foam (if anyone got a good example PM me pls )
    • add explosion effects
    • add collision detection with enemy boats / collectibles
    • add logic for collectibles and bullets
    • fix islands outline (should be without for better blending)
    • fix loader layout (which i never got to work :/ )
    • fix main menu
    • add GUI
    • add "end game" scene
    • add score showing (maybe even publishing to twitter and stuff)
    • adding gameplay logic - hp / damage / weapon level / etc.. to boat and enemies
    • adding small hp bar and showable label over all objects that are hit

    i think i've got it all now

    there's a lot to do but i hope level 1 is done fast and i can show you what has been done

    now i'll list some ideas here for next levels and stuff (more advanced stuff):

    • customizing ship
    • choosing a captain (with stats)
    • more collectibles and stats on ships
    • world map for selecting missions
    • different cultures enemies (greek, egyptian and more sea monsters )
    • "missions" - like save the city, etc... all ending with a massive sexy boss battle
    • destroyable enemies (part by part) (usually just bosses)
    • perks?
    • scoreboard/leaderboard

    (gotta check my notebook at home what i wrote else) - anyway these ideas are free, feel free to use them in your games

  • here's the ideas list that i said i will write down:

    • story telling
    • perks for captains
    • customizing captains
    • flying / underwater enemies
    • flying / underwater weapons combined with surface weapons and more

    these ones are the ones i missed from the upper post list

  • almost done with the only level there ever will be (for now)....

    you will need pretty good PC to play this because of loads of particles, even my 980M gets cramped sometimes.

  • i have a need for


    https://2abb79433838504cbbafafd3207b5c6 ... ZCWGkxWjA/

    the game is in semi state - this is only one level with lots of things messed up, but you can drive, shoot, and more.

    i would like if you could specify me your PC, average FPS and when do you get slowdowns.

    remember - THIS IS A PC GAME!!!! don't play on mobiles/tablets/phones/whatever it won't work!

    also - no sound yet!

  • Here is my lap tops specs: AMD Dual Core 1.3 GHZ, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card. Its a bit old of a laptop but should be able to run your game fairly well.

    Bad news is that it has 5 second loading times and a very slow frame rate, no more than 10 fps, probably less.

    Looks like it could be fun, I really like the first cover art while the game loads.

  • yes, i know particles are my huge slowdown and some other stuff i'm working on to make it faster, the game is just in alpha phase, but soon it will be beta (approx 2-3 weeks)

    and then stuff should work much much faster and better.

    also the gameplay should be complete by then

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