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  • I'm currently working on a mobile app for business, in particular restaurants. This app allows the business to keep track of their temperatures throughout each business day. Here is the login page. Mind you, I'm not a graphics artist so please don't mind the graphics.

    And here is the temperature recording page. As you enter each temperature the ingredient color changes to a white/yellow to signify the temperature has recently been taken. The temperatures are stored in a central server which allows for multiple devices to record temperatures for each location. A central template of ingredients and their high/low safe ranges are managed by the parent company(brand name or mom and pop owners). If a temperature is found to be unsafe the user will be required to enter what steps were taken to fix the issue.

    And here we have the log sheet selection page. The user selects a date for their business week ending and then presses either temperature log or action log. This will communicate with the server and grab all of the recorded information from that week and compiles it into a printable log sheet.

    Here is a snapshot from the current temperature log selection page. From here you can view each page of recorded temperatures for that week and email a printable copy of the report to the email account associated with the location.

    And here is a copy of a temperature log emailed to a location.

    And here is a copy of an action log emailed to a location. Included is the ingredient, time it was unsafe, what temperature it was when it was unsafe. What steps were taken to fix the issue. What time it was verified to be safe and what temperature it was when verified to be safe.

    Future updates will email a user when products have been unsafe for a previously determined period of time reminding them to fix the issue or discard the food. Also future updates will include complimentary emails telling users that some ingredients need to be checked in 30 minutes or the location will be risking the temperature integrity of their food.

    So be nice, what do you think s far. Outside of the graphics, sorry I know I am no good at graphics.

  • Uhhh... Super... 'Cool'...! Obviously I don't know much about needing this app, since I don't work in the food industry - but I'll assume it's something they need!

    I love the idea of using C2 for apps like this. Good luck and it looks usable so far. Go speak to some designer about the graphics though, don't let that stop any potential success

  • oh i do have one question - how did you achieve the tables for the temperature logs?

  • aJamDonut Yeah it's rather boring but required for the safety of a restaurants food. The FDA says food has to be a certain temperature or bacteria will start growing. The FDA also says that food can only be served in the danger (unsafe zones) for a certain amount of time before a risk of contamination occurs and the food must be discarded. So this app just lets a restaurant keep track of those things so food is never served outside of the federal guidelines.

    To answer your question on the grids. That was just a sprite copied numerous times. I used an instance var to seperate each row and column to make working each grid section easier. So when the information is pulled from the database I know it was for column "datetime" and row is pulled from the database, so the ingredients always line up the same daily.

  • wow... pretty cool, I bet that grid system was a pain. so what about accountability, is that built in? e.g. "Sarah had the device so she should have check the temps at 10am"

  • ajamDonut yes it is

  • hey man, all that looks very nice :O

    Can I ask, how do u extract data from construct to update changes they do on their accounts while using the app? I've managed to load data from files (XML and JSon) but I haven't been able to find a way to edit those files from the app itself.

    Thanks in advance for any answer.

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  • Lolyness I built a mysql database on a server and made some access files for it. So my app takes the changes on its side and sends a post ajax request to the server with the information needing to be changed. It required a bit of doing to set up all the structures for the accounts and sessions so they worked properly and as securely as I could make them. So ajax requests to my mysql database through php.

  • thanks lanceal, that's a huge lead.

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