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  • Hi everyone,

    here is my indie game Scott in Space:


    Thumbs up or thumbs down?

    How do you think the game can be improved?

  • Very beautiful level design//// I liked zoom effect at the end of the first level, it adds some volume

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  • Some of your graphics are really nice but i cant help but feel the cutout look is taking away from it. Scot kinda gets lost against the backgrounds due to his colour, you should add something to him like a jumper or backpack with a standout colour. Ease up on blur and effects.

    The camera zooming works great. Sound effects make a big difference which i'm sure your planning to put in and also animation for scot.

    Try not to put too much into your backgrounds that will distract the player, maybe drop them back with a bit of opacity, step back away from it and look at it from a distance and pick at the things you don't like yourself. Overall it's looking well so this is just my opinion and changes i would make if it were my game but I'm no expert. Looking forward to seeing it come along.

  • Thank you Nagval333 that's highly motivating

    jaypeps81 Yeah Scott is still a placeholder concept art, so he's almost literally cut out

    I was thinking about whether the background might be too much or not earlier. I'll keep an eye on that. Thanks for your feedback!!

  • Soooo.... I bump this with an update? Or is this not how it works in this forum?

    The universe map on which you can travel from planet to planet and choose which locations and levels to visit is getting closer to its final look:

    Here is an early concept for comparison:

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