SCHOOL BRO OFF - An Educational RPG (Language choice added)

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  • Hi guys,

    Let me introduce to you my new game called: SCHOOL BRO OFF. I call it an ERPG which stands for Educational Role Playing Game

    Game purpose:

    The goal of the game is simple: outsmart your opponents by answering correctly to a various type of questions. I wrote or selected roughly 800 trivia questions. This game will make you review or revise your knowledge of school subjects.


    The game is played like a board game between your team of students against other teams. You can compose your team as you wish by mixing different type of students.

    Each student has different characteristics and a powerful Super Attack:

    • The mathematician. Very effective on close combat,
    • The Sportsman. Very resistant
    • The Nerd. A bit coward but with good defense.
    • And many more type

    Your opponent will attack by asking a question about his favorite subject. For instance, the math student will ask a question about Mathematics. The Biologist student about Biology, the Nerd about IT and so on.

    You will have few seconds to give the correct answer to the question. If you don't answer correctly, then one of your student will lose some HP or will be defeated.


    It's clear that the game is made for phones and tables. Furthermore, it

    is only available in FRENCH for the moment. I won't post a link now because I'm still working on the game.

    In addition, I'm currently working on an English version. It takes long to translate everything when you're alone on a project. Therefore, stay tuned. I will post updates about this as much as possible.


    Here are some screenshots of the game:

    anthonykojima2014-01-28 20:54:24

  • Very cool idea, i love the sprites is it original or from some older game?

  • ,

    Thanks for your nice comment. The sprite are not original. Unfortunately, I'm not good at graphism at all. So I prefer using free sprites by awesome people.

    This sprite are the one you can find on some RPG Maker games. I just type on Google "RPG Maker character sprites" or something like that.

    I checked your game "Ninja Legacy: The Forbidden Scrolls". WOW It seems like a lot of work. And it's coming out soon right ?

  • Yeah I am in the final stages of bug hunting on mobile devices, so far its looks to run fine no issues that I couldn't fix. It's due for a release by the end of this month. I am planning on making a free version, the first 3 levels (9 stages).. if players like it, they can buy the full version for $1.99 or something like that.

    I'm working on an additional 50 hard mode stages and a new upgrade tree, for an update after launch. I am not even an artist, just through lots of practice.

    I really like your idea, I think good educational games that are fun and addictive is the way to go, since parents are more willing to spend $ on their kids if they see a potential positive outcome.

  • "This sprite are the one you can find on some RPG Maker games. I just type on Google "RPG Maker character sprites" or something like that."

    AFAIK you can use sprites from RPG Maker only in RPG Maker productions,

    same with Construct 2 bundle: you can use it for C2 apps only

  • szymek,

    Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right on a certain point.

    When I said "This sprite are the one you can find on some RPG Maker games...", I didn't actually used the OFFICIAL sprites of RPG Maker. I know that it is not allowed to used them in a non RPG Maker software. I was just talking about the look of the characters of the game.

    That is why, I used Fan made sprite with their PERMISSION instead. That is completely legal and I always make sure that I put their names in the credit section of my game.

    On the other hand, Some fans forbid the usage of their sprites on another software than RPG Maker (Celianna for example)

    In a nutshell, fans can do what they want with their sprites. If they allow people to use them, be sure that I will use them. All the sprites of this game are made by fans.

  • Just a quick update followed by a screenshot:

    Here is a screenshot of the SHOP in the game (I could rename it to something like cafeteria to be more "schoolish").

    Of course, a big thank you to Ails for his great set of icons for RPG. Sir, you are already in my credits sections.

    <center><img src="" border="0" /></center>

  • Hey there, cool idea.

    Just wondering how you handled 800+ questions, was it in a separate file that you pulled in and parsed or is it all handled by events? Looking forward to a translation!

  • Centra,

    Thanks for your comment. I stored the 800 questions on a seperate file indeed. When it comes to handling a big set of data, I'm not a big fan of using the Array or the Dictionary Objects as a database.

    I created a XML file containing all questions and answers. I loaded them into the XML object and then, using some XPath, I could pull out questions randomly.

    It is also much more easy than exclusively using events to do it. Modifications are less painful and I can add new questions without modifying the code (Just the file).

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  • Another a quick update followed by a screenshot:

    Here is a screenshot of the Achievement screen of the game. There are 20 achievements to unlock in total. I will add more and I will finish the translation.

    <center><img src="" border="0" /></center>

  • piouf!!! I'm almost done with the basic translation part.

    Here are some Gifs showcasing the language choice of the player the effects on buttons.

    You can see that the buttons have a different text on them and the text is different too.

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