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  • Save The Princess is a plat-former inspired by Super Meatboy!

    Made for fun and giggles it is only 7 levels of length so far. Just trying to make a fun and challenging game with few art assets.

    Will update as more levels are added. ... index.html

  • Nice job! It's pretty fun watching the little guy squirm up the side of a wall.

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  • Thanks Ryan. I added a couple new levels there are 9 in total now. Also added a Title screen as well. Put in some new obstacles that will hopefully make the game more difficult as it progresses. So far I've been able to beat with dying 6 times. That damn tiny mover level is rough for me, maybe I can reorganize the levels as the difficulty seems to really spike on that level.

  • Been making some changes and working on changing the controls and implementing a grappling hook element. So the gameplay may be broken for a bit. But still enjoyable I think.

  • Simple but fun! I would name the game: Ninja Ant

  • New build is up I nixed the grapple idea it just doesn't work well with the gameplay as it is right now. Maybe I'll re-enable it down the line. Added a two new levels there are 12 in total now. Also implemented Web Storage so if you close the browser and comeback it should bring you back to the last level you are on and keep track of your deaths. Will probably add a level select next and some sort of pause menu. I also recently hired on an artist to do some pixel art for the game so hopefully later will builds will look more appealing.

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