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  • (*^0^)/ Hi guys. I'm working on a couple of games right now and this one!runningman/cg4h is one of them. It's a running game. It would be of great help to me if you give a try and give some feedback. My website is also currently work in progress and may look differently time to time. I thank you.

  • Felt bit too "sluggish" for me, few suggestions:

    1) Instead "press once to activate minimal dash", I would prefer having dash meter allowing to keep key down for continuos dash, slowly decreasing until you can no longer dash. Meter could be recharged by coins or another new item.

    2) Possible add flying/jumping enemies, while most of the enemies are easily killed you would have to time your jump/dash to avoid those flying/jumping enemies.

    3) Maybe different music for menus and levels? Same soundtrack all the time can be bit too much to listen.

    In the end, game was fun to play even if its "early draft".

  • Thank you for your suggestions. I like the idea of a 'dash meter' and to recharge it by collecting something. Flying and jumping enemies are already on the way if not already in the game.

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  • I like it, reminds me of bit trip runner so I'm struggling to think of suggestions that aren't just things from bit trip. found a glitch a couple of times where I seemed to go off the top of the screen when going up hill.

    Gotta disagree with CoffeOD, I kinda like the dash mechanic. Feels like when anime characters move really fast and just disappear and appear somewhere else (top pf my head I've seen it in Dragonball Z, Naruto and Bleach). What with the shuriken you could play on the ninja thing. Maybe use the dash as some kind of special attack, or have unbreakable walls that you can dash through

    Cool game, keep it up!

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