Ruby Winds - an adventure game inspired by the GB Zeldas

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  • Hey there!

    "Ruby Winds" is the name of a project I have been working on religiously since March or so. The gameplay is similar to Oracle of Seasons/Ages and Link's Awakening (the GB Zelda games), and most of my inspiration was pulled from that series. The player's main weapon is a bow, and it will be used to solve various puzzles/get through dungeons. As for the plot .. I won't delve into too many details, as I'd like to show off a demo in the near future.

    Here is a video and a few screenshots/GIFs/songs I've composed for it. Note that everything (with the exception of the chest/mimic enemy) is drawn by me. I am by no means an artist, and at some point in the future I'll be looking to bring on a teammate to help redraw most of them.


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    The Featherwood: this is the first area of the game. Most of the enemies are your standard fare - bats that fire sonar beams, rabbits, and a few more unique ones like rotating purple towers (not shown here).

    Dialogue is treated just like in standard RPGs. Text displays letter-by-letter, and then you can progress through it at will. There are also commands for skipping text, going back, etc.


    Automap: tracks your current location, marks completion percentage, and more.

    Sprite: A dancing monkey NPC holding bullseyes.


    I have used FamiTracker and FL Studio for the compositions. Here are a few.

    The Featherwood: the first area in the game.

    Beryl Ruins: the first dungeon.

    Nocking Point: the protag's home village.

    Ricardo Fox: a character's theme.

    That should be all for now. I have a lot of other things I'd like to show, but I'd rather they be experienced in-game.

    Comments and thoughts are welcome. Enjoy!

  • This is looking very cool! I like the puzzle aspects with the spinning blades. The music is sounding pretty good too. It's pretty impressive your developing the art, music and all the behaviors. Any idea when you'll release? I loved the GB/GBC Zelda titles!

    Might I suggest using (or anything) instead and using the actual html code/bbc code to post your actual images and gifs. It would just be smoother.

  • Thanks for the comment!

    I'm shooting for about an hour long demo by the end of August, if all goes well. Still have a couple of major things to finish up (two bosses + about ten more rooms), but I'll definitely post something once all is said and done.

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    I have several puzzle ideas in mind for this - two smaller ones are shown in the video.


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