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  • Just a graphic concept made of materials found through the web (I'm not an owner of some graphics used on the previews).

    Credits: Some Demoscene graphics, Some fanart digital paintings, Some Westwood Dune2 Graphics, Some of mine, and so on.

    Original Dune 2 Title screen

    Original Dune 2 ingame screen

    Title screen I made basing on original Dune 2 layout

    Game screen Made of my pixelart units, Tyrian Author's terrains and dune gui

    More graphics in Game preview:


    Would be nice to create new wersion of old-style dune in version 3

    and any contribution would be appreciated.

  • Wow, that looks really promising

  • Dune is a well known franchise, its like making a Command & Conquer.. you better be careful with the IP infringement.

    Otherwise, good game layout.

  • Maybe if you call it something else then you will be all sweet with the IP Infringements. The general idea tho is great and I feel a lot of modern RTS games are straying away from good basic gameplay mechanics in favour of special effects.

    At the end of the day a good RTS needs good gameplay mechanics and it's funny how the originals had that pretty close to spot on and it's just progressed worse not better for the most part. Unit Queues being an exception to this of cause

  • Thank You

    You are all right about the copyrights. Probably I couldn't use a "Dune" name and any of copyrighted graphics, even the old ones, so let it be like it is as the eyecandy for RTS players and makers


    There is some resources to makea new pixelart rts.

    There are graphic artists who still make pixelart rts mockups.

    There are game makers. There are even 8bit audio makers.

    It's just hard to build everything from scratch for one person.


    Yeah I miss the good old one simple RTS mechanics in new games too.

    I find playing Open Red Alert better than Red Alert 3.

    Or Total Annihilation than Supreme Commander, and so on.


    More inspirations online:

    my Pixelart graphics on polish pix.art.pl service that we are maintaining.








    Sorry I'm not permitted to make URL's so had to remove http prefix

  • Looks pretty good, i like the pixel art done in this

    You're doing good so far, keep it up!

  • I liked dune at the time and your game looks good.

  • Never played dune. If this does get completed, I will definitely try it out!

  • Thank You for all kind words.

    It is fun to do some research on Dune reproduction, but I'm more into graphic design instead of programming, so it would take quite a lot of effort to recreate whole game, but if there would be a few people interested in joining in maybe things could go forward

  • Hi all,

    Sorry for reanimating a year-old topic but I've literally just came across this forum.

    I noticed that you are from Poland, me too (Warsaw-based). I am a fully fledged programmer/software-architect and, although I work full-time, I could participate in some after-hour project revolving around Dune or a different classic game. Let me know if you seek for some collaboration

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  • working multiplayer? >_>

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