RPcard Game (beat the artificial neuronal network)

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    ame now public beta more info about the game here...




    ame is a role playing card game with an artificial neuronal network to fight (and train).

    You train the AI while playing - the network learn how to beat you depending on the basic game rules.

    Enter the dungeon and face the Dungeon Master (the ai brain).

    Fight the dungeon monster kill and loot - as long as you are able to.

    Mighty action cards for weapon attack, shields, magic attack and defend and POWER MAGIC - for an exciting and strategic battle for death and life...

    Enhance you physical and magic power with bonus cards (or steal upgrades from the cpu player)

    Fight the many, many evil dungeon monsters before you - finally (if you survive) face the trained

    Dungeon Master

    feedback welcome!

    click to fight...


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  • Hey,

    Looks verry verry impressiv. Its not my genre. But for this genre it looks verry good. Have luck


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