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  • My first game for commercial release, Rocketfella is currently being demo'd on the Scirra Arcade (as well as - as a prospective location for future desktop sales). The demo has four different enemy types, and three terrain types.

    Besides five game-changing unlockable jetpacks, the full version has seven enemy types and six terrain types so far. Each one is added to the mix every 1,000 height travelled - so to fully complete the full game players will have to reach a height of around 15,000. It will be released next month for Android and desktop.

    The demo has bad music - I'm aware of this, waiting on several artists now producing original chiptunes or remastering/remixing old tunes for a soundtrack - so you can just go ahead and put that on mute in the pause screen...

    I'd love to hear the input from the community here - please BE CRITICAL! Within constructive bounds, I need to hear the worst of it!

    Due to the way Scirra Arcade works, the makes a far better 'landing page' for the game right now, as it includes media representing aspects that will be covered in intro animations etc:

  • hi

    nice arcade action.

    Be critical! well.

    Please don't hate me, I can imagine how much work you have put into this game.

    I like the game and have played worse in the app store and after 20 min of gameplay and here are my findings.

    Graphics: it looks professional and pixel art looks suitable for this kind of game.

    Movement: maybe because of keyboard control. The fly movement feels fine, but when the monkey lands then platform the movement feels clunky( not smooth) and it is hard to adjust the money on a small platform without falling off.

    Animation: I did not notice it at first that monkey and enemies have no walk animation and then it was hard not to see

    music: did not mind, maybe shorten the loop

    collectable: maybe have other collectable other than just kill an enemy for points or rocket( was not sure what collecting it did). could try combo points for hitting/ kill enemies within a set time.

    unlocks: when something was unlocked it went by too fast for me to notice it, maybe pause, go into slow motion or have items screen for all unlocks( yes more work ).

    Enemies: it would nice that if you land on an enemy it kills them or pushes them aside. it looked a bit odd when the monkey and enemy shared the same space.

    Pause Screen: it was unclear at first that numbers were for adjusting the sound level

    Laser part: what do the white guys do. I was unsure why sometimes I when through a laser and other times got killed by them.

    good job

    keep it up.

  • Brilliant! Thanks man. He's not a monkey btw, he's a Rocketfella

    Movement speed I have tweaked up and down for ages, and I'm aware it's at the twitchier end - but I want the player to be able to manage those sweet trick shots! I'll reduce it again, see what difference is made.

    Lasers will always hurt you, btw, unless you take out the mad scientist dude, then they switch off

    EDIT: Potential walk animation for Rocketfella:

    I have also dropped movement speed by 25% - the gif reflects this badly! I'll upload to the Arcade later

  • hi

    Nice animation.

    To be honest, you could publish what you have and then release updates. This way you could get user feedback.

    Try out this youtube channel, I am have been following them for about a year and have learned a lot.

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    By looks of the looks things your well ahead in experience than me and don't need any of this advice.

  • It never hurts to hear the experiences of a player - especially one who's never played before, and especially this late in the game

    I've responded to a few more of your comments as well by the way - adding animations to show what the pickups do

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  • Rocketfella remembes rocketeer.

    Good graphics.

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