RISKiRT - realtime RISK game

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a real time multiplayer fighting game template for your projects

    is a RISK game played in realtime (not round based).

    You can play the final beta version as HTML (http://www.gameus.de/RISKiRT/)

    or (as designed for [google play]) on your android device https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.gameus.RISKiRT&hl=de

    released - available on google play for your tablet!

  • ...or watch the latest youtube beta video here

  • Your game is very interesting.

    I'd like to know how you created the AI; definitely not a simple thing.

    Hello, Angiel

  • Angiel - thank you!

    The AI is still in work but here the theory so far (for each AI player):

    1. grab the board statistics

    * owner and # units per country, # units per player total

    * % spread per player and continent (to detect growing nations)

    * last actions per player (to get hotspots)

    * # attacks player<->player (this is for the 'aggressive' factor)

    * ammount of cash (to calculate the best time to buy new units)

    2. find the "best" destination to attack (weighted per country)

    * critical continents (opponent has or will have soon complete continent)

    • per continent ownership
    • per high % country ownership

    * agressive attacks (if a player prefered attacks an other player)

    * spread units between own countries/continents (to save them)

    (each AI player may have a random priority within these topics and sets a different weight -i hope this results in a more 'fuzzy' overall bahavior)

    3. calculate the winning chances per resulting attack destination (unit distribution).

    • join several units/countries of the attacking player to improve the winning chance per attack
    • buy new units if possible/necessary

    This is the theory of the AI to implement.

    (Step 1. is finished, 2. is in work)

    btw. I implemented a cash-system (if the bar is periodic 100%, all players get cash depending on their countries/continents)

    And each country gets new units.

  • Just a note: There could be some trademark issues with the word "RISK", if you don't have permission to use it. Brand identity is a big thing.

    That was an issue with Lowly Blocks, not being able to use "Tetris" anywhere in the title.

    Better to change it sooner than later, so you don't have to start over with promotion (if you don't have permission that is. If you have permission, ignore me).

    Anyway, about the game:

    Risk is a long game. I remember it taking hours sometimes. How long do you imagine these games to take in real time? Do you have any ideas to speed up game play to a faster resolution to make it more casual friendly?

    This seems really cool. I miss playing Risk!

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  • Thanks for the advice - RISKiRT will be for free - so no problem with trademarks (on the other hand it's 'RISKiRT' - is there some RISK in there ).

    RISKiRT will come with three difficult levels and the current game can be saved/loaded.

    Actually can't say more about the playtime but i will adjust it to my best and wait for the feedback...

    The AI in combination with the AI-cycle (delayed) can adjust the single game play dauration very well - i think.

    The current version of the AI is not beatable (of cause this will be changed) in fact of the AI is MUCH faster than a human player can be

    Probably i add some realtime 'human player analytics' to adjust the AI (delay timer) to make it more fun for the player.

    ...but there is a bunch of work to do with the AI and the game balance (cash, units, speed, rewards, ...) - so everything can change

  • ...the first version of the AI is implemented!

    Would you give it a try and drop a feedback about the AI (and other things you would change)?

    Opponents are fix set to 2 (red, green) in this first version.

    (Always be active (if possible) - each captured country/continent is cash for new units - and the AI will do this!)

    Please give it a try and feedback...

    -> http://www.gameus.de/RISKiRT/index.html

    (btw.: playtime is about 10 minutes with this setup)

  • ...the AI now stable and challenging.

    The game is now completely translated to english and all options are available.

    The four difficulty levels create completely different setups (average dauration - but depends also on you ):

    - training: 2 player / slow AI but not stupid (5-15min)

    - easy: 3 player / normal AI speed and setup (5-15min)

    - moderate: 4 player / moderate but tricky AI (10-30min)

    - hard: all player / mercyless AI with a focus! (10-...min)

    latest links to game/vid/apk at the top of this thread...

  • new updates :

    major update:

    • statstics - you now can call statistics (continent-, country-, unit-distribution and the won/lost stats of each active player)

    minor updates:

    • the game now is onhold if you call the stats and/or call the unit-shop
    • the country-info (units/move) is now larger and position optimized
    • if one of your country is captured, the minimap flashes the continent, recently captured bases burn (some seconds)
    • more informations in the help screen

    (links updated, please refrest the cache)

    now: beta tests for publish (free) at the goolge store

  • Nice but how about a tutorial?

  • Hi Iolva,

    tutorial is a good idea - here it is (i implemented it in my game).

    Just press the 'tutorial'-button.

    It's short and shows the 3 steps to conquer the world

    (links updated, please refresh the cache - there must now be a 'tutorial'-button within the menu)

  • Wow, you are so fast. I will let you know later about the tutorial.

  • Finally RISKiRT is finished (so far ) - Version 1.1 (refresh the browser cache to play the most current version)

    I added a setup panel where you can configurate the primary values of the game.

    Feel free to post bugs/suggestions/hints/spelling errors (sry for that)/...

    In a few days i put it on google play.

    Have fun conquer the world with RISKiRT...

    more to come?

















    maybe a sequel:

    (btw. I love C2)

  • out now on google play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.gameus.RISKiRT&hl=de

    please check it out...

  • and out now on amazon! http://www.amazon.de/RISKiRT-Echtzeit-R ... risiko+app

    check it out...

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