RIKOSHEi - 2D Isometric Shooter with abilities and bullets that ricochet

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    Hey everyone. This is RIKOSHEi, a 2D isometric shooter with abilities and bullets that ricochet. This is a remake of a previous, similar game I made.

    I have looked over all of the feedback I was given for my previous game and have tried to implement a lot of it. There are some features that are planned but haven't been implemented yet such as melee weapons & attacks and new abilities. I will also be adding new menus soon. Other quality-of-life things such as sounds for picking up health is also coming soon.

    Please give me constructive feedback in order to improve the game. Oh and if you look at the screenshot (and the game) you will see a weird effect. This is meant to be there but has been affected when porting to HTML.

    A bug in this version of the game is that health packs do not disappear when used. This has been fixed and I will implement it in the next update.

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