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  • The original game is a game for 8 Bit Ataris. I got the permission from the developers to make a html5 version.

    Because of my non-existent skills in graphic and sound I made a 1:1 remake with the sound und graphic from the Atari version.

    The task in the game is to eliminate all robots in a level by deactivating their RGB components. To deactivate a component, shoot at the robot with a missile that has the color you want to deactivate. For example, to deactivate a red robot, shoot at him with a red missile; to deactivate a cyan robot, shoot at him with a blue missile and then a green missile (or vice versa); to deactivate a white robot, shoot at him with red, green and blue missiles consecutively in any order. You can change your missiles' color at the recalibrators or by picking up certain bonuses.

    Available color combinations:

    Cyan = Blue + Green

    Magenta = Red + Blue

    Yellow = Red + Green

    White = Red + Green + Blue

    Level 0 (Tutorial Level)

    Level 1 (part of)

    I made a little 3 Level Demo, but it's all still in early development.



    Arrow-Keys or D-Pad on Gamepad to move.

    Space or A-Button for Fire.

    To change the color on the recalibrator press the down key and fire to choose the color.


    (I) Invincible for 10 sec.

    (P) 5000 Points

    (E) Energy

    (T) extra Time 30 sec

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