Retro Dude vs. Evil Meanie

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  • Hi everybody!

    I recently made a small mockup following the GBjam restrictions e.g. 160x144 resolution and max 4 colors, i had so much fun with it, that i actually turned it into a little prototype.

    There are 2 Levels so far, you can try it out in the arcade:

    Since I enjoyed working on the prototype so much, i'm planing to finish every level on the map and then have an actual release.

    If you played it, please let me know what you think! Plus, in case you have some ideas for powerups or enemies pls let me know. I'm trying to get away from the standard mario-like stuff but its not that easy, so you could really help me out there

    Anyway thanks for reading and have fun!

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  • Very fun to play, I'm looking forward to other levels

  • Retro climat - i like it !

  • Thanks guys! I will add more levels this weekend, so look forward to that

    Btw, i have a question for future testers: do you think the second level is too hard? it's kind of difficult for me to decide since i tested it so much while building ^^

  • I think the difficulty is fine. I finished the level without dying the first time I tried but I didn't care about the coins. Then I played it again to get the 30 coins and I died 5-6 times before succeeding.

  • Thanks bbenny93!

    There is a new update, which brings one new level and two new mechanics: Spikes + moving platforms!

    I also added WASD Movement and jumping on Space

    I dropped the Idea of 30 coins per level though, there will be an other kind of collectable in a future update to replace this mechanic. This renders Coins kind of useless atm^^ but i have some plans to tie them to a highscore mechanic

    Anyway if you find bugs on the new level (or old ones) please let me know!

    Thanks for reading and have fun

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