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  • Hey everyone,

    Some of you already know me because I posted games here. Now i want to change my manner to talk with my community.

    I mean : they never know really what i'm working on. They see images and videos, but they never truly know until they play what the game can be.

    In courses, one of our teacher told us "you have to meet your players as soon as possible" so here is my question :

    When do you think i should let the players playing on my game ?

    In class i learnt that i should validate the concept with my community, it means doing a little prototype and let them play so i will know what they think and if they have any interest for the game i planned.

    Do you think it is a good idea ? If yes, for my next game (not Frantic Dream Again but an other one i'm working on) I will let you play a little proto then talking with me about the game concept.

    Thanks for your reading, see ya soon !

  • My oppinion:

    In general you can't get enough feedback for a game (concept, art, ...)

    In detail...

    it it's a free game (not sold) then as early as possible (already the game concept).

    if it's a game you want to sell there is always a chance other will copy your idea (if it's worth it).

    ...so discuss with friends you trust

    ...if it's a bigger sized project request feedback with a stable (late beta) status (so you can finish it before other can do ) - but do a dynamic game design to be able to change/implement new good ideas even in beta status.

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  • Hello dear,

    thanks for your answer.

    I'm glad you follow my way.

    Now i would like to tell you a thing : idea doesn't count very much in a project.

    Only the way you will build your project around it is important. So i don't fear people to copy me

    By the way, a "free" project doesn't mean it is safe from copy. Some people live with free games (Nitrome for example) so being copied can result with a loss of their originality (but as you saw, it's not my opinion).

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