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  • Wow, after seeing all the great stuff here I'm a little intimidated... But hey, the best critics are the ones who do it too so here you go...

    Arrows to move/Mouse to shoot

    Thank you in advance...

  • very nice take on top-down the shooter.

    I found that some enemies walked through walls when they were spawned. Was that intentional.

    Did you use path finding for the enemies to the player?

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  • Welp, I just got wrecked Very fun, though! Keep it up!

  • It just repeats the levels, correct? I did NOT expect the head to start moving towards me once it got low. I'd make the area with the head more open. I was just walking up and down the same hallway repeatedly, it would feel more exciting if I could strafe and actually try to hit the boss more dynamically. I think you could make it much faster paced with a little smoother aiming (walking would alter my aiming oddly at times if felt).

    Keep at it! There's lots of way too good stuff on the forums. Finding something you're really interested in making is the best way to get better.

  • Ok great, and thank you. All good ideas and suggestions and I appreciate it greatly.

    henryScirra - No, they should not walk through walls I have collision blocks over the entire board but I will double check thank you. And yes I used path finding.

    wraithgames - Thank you for taking the time its appreciated.

    - Thank you for your comments. This is just the intro board I wanted to make sure I had everything hooked up and working properly before I expand to more levels so yes it just repeats for now.

    And I'll work on that strafe I think I have an idea for something smoother.

    The boss is supposed to be a surprise thanks for the spoiler

    Thanks everyone I'll get back to work enjoy.

  • Honestly when the head charged forward it found me imprepared!

    As starting point it' s promising.

    Could you make collision a bit less "pointy", a couple of times I got stuck while cornering, I don' t know if there is a trick to "smooth" it simply but it could enhance playability for sure.

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