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  • Thank you all for the great feedback and suggestions, folks, it really made a difference. I still have a ways to go but I did add some of the things you thought would help the gameplay.

    1. I smooth out his walk, and movement.

    2. I added STRAFING to help with future boss fights.

    3. Finally got the crosshairs color change working.

    4. Added drops

    Here is the link I would love your feedback once again.

    Once again thank you in advance.

  • Hey there.

    Here's a review:

    -LOVE the tattoo on the protag's arm.

    -Could use a little improvement with the green zombie sprite. It's hard to distinguish him from the background.

    -I don't understand the strafing mechanics; right clicked and the protag went slower. I think SHIFT would be a better option instead of right click as that's what's being used in most games.

    -It does this weird thing where the protag doesn't immediately point the gun to the crosshair but waits until the crosshair is already in his line of sight. So it's hard to set up sneak attacks from a corner before getting into position like you'd normally do in Hotline Miami

    -Lastly, while the maze structure might be good for certain uses, it makes it very easy to defeat the boss because the boss only has one projectile attack that goes straight. I found a spot in the lower right where his projectiles can't hit you but yours can. Heck I don't think the boss attacked me at all.

    Hope this was helpful. Thanks.

  • All good things to look into thank you. It would also be helpful to know what you did like as well. I'll definitely look into some of the things you pointed out.

    Did the drops work ok?

    I'm actually trying to learn how to make my own tile sets so that will help with the blending.

    But I think the average game player will find some fun in it.


  • MPPlantOfficial I was just thinking maybe you're still seeing the old version. It should start with a load scream first. If your didn't see that refresh the page.

    And the TAT is from a picture I drew of my kids Mother. Yep, it's real

    Thanks again

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  • good start !

  • Marius87 Thank you...

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