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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Sharing my puzzle game on the scirra arcade featuring all pixel by pixel drawn art and unique concept

    Goal: Connect nodes with each other to form lines, the ball bounces off these lines. Each unique line bounced on yields one point, get to 0 to win. Normal lines that have been bounced on turn green. Unbounced, point-yielding lines are blue (without unique property filters)

    There are some colored nodes which give unique properties to the line it is connected to:

    -Default node = blue

    -Accelerator node = white, bright. Grants a speed boost whenever bouncing on the line it is connected to.

    -Killer node = has 2 stages, bouncing off a line connected to this node puts the line in stage 1. Its still save to bounce on but colored orange. Bouncing off the line once more puts it in stage 2, complete red. Any bounce on this line while red will destroy the ball and lose the game

    *Each line can have 2 of these properties (more to come)*

    On the start of each game an arrow will spin around the screen(bottom screenshot), the place where the arrow is whenever you touch the screen is the starting position for the ball. After a few seconds of blinking the ball flies in and the game starts. To restart the level, double-tap on screen. There are currently 2 gamemodes normal and challenging. The screenshots with a red background are challenging levels having more killer nodes for difficulty and less nodes in general.

    There is an infinite amount of levels.

    Link: ... lect-22440


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