Recreating a classic: Frogger

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  • First of all a huge thanks to ArcadEd for posting a 7 part video tutorial on YouTube on Recreating a classic: Frogger.

    If you are new to Construct2 (like me) then I would definitely recommend watching them from start to end.

    Things I didn't use from the tutorial were the Move To plugin and the collision posts (left and right).

    Things I did add were the 10 points for every jump moving up. But this only once. Jumping down and back up will not add another 10 points to the score. Besides the fly for extra bonus points I included the snapping croc Level counter added and at every new level the enemies start moving a bit faster. Implemented the Hi-Score, added a few more Functions and did some clean up on the programming (Events and Actions).

    Worked out the sprites first on grid paper and tried my best to match up things the best I could.

    Lastly, I have a personal license so I used the Families under Objects and the Beta R198 release.

    Watch the video's on YouTube, follow along and take a look at the *.capx file I included. Learn, do, test and have fun. That's my advice. It certainly worked for me!

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