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  • I start to make a fighting game in the style of street fighter, let's see how far I can go.

    here is what I made: ... ight-12708

    It is still in the beginning. you can control both players and can perform some "hadouken" move (try it) - the ninjas throw a knife.

    when I made some new progress, I will upload a new version.

    I pretend to draw some original graphics, but it will take a time.

  • update

    now the players can choose different characters, there are 5.

    just one round.

  • update


    now it's possible to play versus a simple AI: when player 1 selects his character, player 1 can choose to fight against player 2 or CPU.

  • nice job!

    i think beat'm up is absolutely one of more complex and difficult genre to develop, due to the variety and quantity of the graphic needed AND the complexity of the control system AND the accuracy of the collision detection system etc. etc... Remember how many buttons are there in the Street Fighter 2 coin-op?

    Have you tried to use Spriter or similar to build characters made of separate parts and separate sprites (one for the left leg, one for the right, one for the left harm, one for the torso etc etc etc....) ? You can take the advantage to have full-deep control of any single part of the character body at code-level!

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  • pinellos, thanks for the advice. I have spriter and I was thinking to work with it. I still have to learn on how to deal with the bones animations.

    I think I already figured out on how to deal with different kinds of attacks for many buttons, I have in mind 2 ways on how to do it.

    • one way I already tested. I created one boolean variable for each kind of attack - light punch, strong punch, light kick, strong kick - and when the player press a button it will turn the related boolean attack true and the character will do it.
    • the other way, that I think it is betters, I will have to create 2 booleans variables punch and kick and a third one, number variable, for intensity 1=light, 2=strong. then, when the player press a button it will see if it is kick or punch and the intensity.

    for now, the collisions boxes are really simple. but, as you can see, I am not using "hurt animation" when the character get hit, I will have to figure out how to make it.

  • update, version

    new sprites for the game.

    3 kinds of attack: kick, punch and a kind of hadouken move using the punch button.

  • version

    redesign the intro, now player 1 first chooses if it is going to be versus player 2 or versus CPU.

    added some characters faces on select screen.

    fighting system: simple shadows, life bar, defense (crouching and on feet), a kind of reaction when gets hit and a KO slow motion.

    here is the link to play: ... ight-12708

  • version

    • new camera view
    • some FX sounds (hits, start of the round, win, lose)
    • play with gamepads (joysticks)
    • start designing the story mode, for now it is just 2 fights

    to do: draw some endings for each character and improve the CPU artificial intelligence.

    have fun playing <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> ... ight-12708

  • version

    • 1 new background
    • story mode: fight against 4 opponents (one of them is the boss)
    • story mode: each character has its own ending
    • AI can defend

    have fun playing <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8-)" title="Cool"> ... ight-12708

  • version

    • best of 3 rounds
    • intro/ending of each fight
    • credits layout
    • now the players do not overlap each other
    • some music

    have fun playing ... ight-12708

  • Looks pretty cool! I like the style you've got for this.

  • Hey dude!

    I saw your game while researching C2 tutorials on YouTube and I really enjoyed it.

    I think you can develop a fighting game that plays with the Brazilian regions stereotypes.

    OBS.: Laughs a lot with the rivalry between Recife and João Pessoa (although I think there is more between JP and CG).

  • thanks for your support, guys..

    lukezero the people were asking me to teach how I did the game, so I created a really small tutorial.

    well, I want to make a fighting game with some local culture from brazil, but I think it will took some time. now that I have a start of a code, I have to draw the characters, that is like the worst part, because it has too many animations. I was learning on how to deal with spriter (the bone animation tool), but it is still a lot of work to do. maybe the biggest rivalry is between CG and Caruaru, to know who has the biggest são joão.

  • Wow, you did it! A legit fighting game made in C2!

    the AI is not bad too, awesome job!

  • Wow, you did it! A legit fighting game made in C2!

    the AI is not bad too, awesome job!


    I could improve the AI, like each character with his kind of AI, but first, I think I should draw a better art.

    the AI is a Finite State Machine (FSM), I learnt reading the tutorials from here.

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