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  • Hi!

    I've updated my game demo of Rats & Castles with new features and bug fixes and I really want your feedback on it!! There is some missing features that I want to add but for now I've reached the event limit of the free edition of Contruct 2. I plan to run a little Indiegogo campaign to be able to purchase a Business license and finally release the game on Android and on PC later. I hope you will have fun with the demo and leave a review if you can!

    Thanks in advance


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  • you can just use a Personal Licence if you're just working on it

    the game is unfair with the enemies I ended up dying couple times to the just landing on the enemies - would recommend stomping the enemies to take them out.

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback!

    I've set the goal to business license because the minimum campaign I can run on Indiegogo is 500$. I want to set a flexible funding campaign because as you say the Personal License is enough for now. But if the full goal is reached I think the Scirra team deserves all of it for what they've accomplished. I really want to see this community grow and succeed.

    As for the unfair part I will try tweaking enemy positionning to make it better and I will experiment with enemy stomping mechanics to see if it works well for the game.

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