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  • I everyone i proud do annouce that my first BIG game is now playable

    This game is a little bit special, but don't worry i will explains the gameplay.

    Name : Randomizor 2

    Developper : me and only me

    Develloping since : april 2014 (including two corrupted saves that force me to redo all since beginning twice)

    Can be play here : afranchcoder.comlu.com (there is different games on my site, you can try some them but there are in french, so i wonder you will understand)

    Sooooooo .... let's me explain the game :

    It's a basic plateforme games.

    BUT : there is some colored plateformes. I have made three group :

    -Red, Orange, Yellow

    -Blue, Cyan, Green

    -Purple, Pink and DarkPurple

    ONE color, of EACH group will become transparent, which mean no more solid.

    So, if we resume, three color will became transparent.

    Well, this color are totally randome and they are choose every respawn. So if you die and respawn, colors will be randomly reattribuate. But if you're lucky (or unlucky), the sames colors can be choosed 7 times in a row. IT IS RANDOM

    I hope my english is not so bad. Anyway, after some games you will start to understand

    Thank for reading my post.

    But keep in mind it's an unfair game (like unfair mario, but in my game, there is no trap, just luck).

    P.S. : For the 99% of people who don't speak french : When your on the menu, click on "Jouer" to "Play"

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