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  • Here's something that I've been working on. It's not done but I'm posting it here since it's technically playable, and the Construct 2 community can check it out.

    In its current state, this game is a roguelike hackenslasher dungeon crawler.

    Get project folder:

    RLDC 0.0

    RLDC 0.1

    RLDC 0.3

    RLDC 0.4

    Status as of Nov 2016:

    Long time between updates but not dead yet. The last version linked here is still (I think) from May or earlier, but on my end I've done the following changes:

    • Request for key press overlap addressed, it works, with help from an array. 'On press' adds a value to the array, on release deletes a value from the array, and 'key is down' uses the value at the end of the array to choose direction.
    • Updated artwork and interface, still more to improve.
    • I'm planning on adding some more interactive objects but need to redesign and rebuild parts of the code, especially for object references. Naturally I'll let y'all know how it turns out.

    Examples I found helpful include:

    Roguelike Maze Tutorial https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4831/rogue-like-random-maze-tutorial-pt-1

    (Random map based on regular-spaced posts; I've moved on from this though)

    Cloning the Classics: PacMan https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/308/cloning-the-classics-pacman

    (The move system and move priority changes are very close)

    RPG (Part 6) https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4935/rpg-part-6

    (Similar weapon attack idea)

    If anyone wants to grab one of the project folders and dabble with it, go right on ahead.

  • I'm very curious to give this a try - thanks for sharing - I'll report back once I play with it. I'm researching ways to procedurally generate maps for my game so anything like this will surely help

  • Best of luck, Stefan!

    My most recent status on this includes: (no attached link/folder)

    • New mechanic called "approach". Slay more enemies now to reduce the enemy force on the next map. Represents how the tower has infinite resources but not instant efficiency. Also supposed to discourage just-running-through.
    • Need to improve loot system and combat. Both of these technically work the way I built them, and I still want to keep the 4-DIR movement, but I'm still thinking of how to improve it, since it really needs improvement.
    • Need to improve map generation. It's not bad, but still needs some improvement.
  • Hey dude,

    I managed to check it out. It all works great, the procedurally generating a dungeon part the enemies + loot. But it also desperately needs a lot of improvement in the player feedback and ease-of-use areas

    I'd like to suggest 2 videos that would possibly help if you haven't seen them before:

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    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    You can work more on interactive friendliness + optimizing for player experience as in the 4 direction movement that you mentioned gets stuck if you start moving in one direction then you press a different direction it doesn't respond properly. You need to stop and press the other direction for it to work, that breaks player experience and generates frustration.

    Best of luck!


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  • Also forgot to mention the feeling of exploring a procedurally generated dungeon is there, and it does have that compelling factor

  • Thanks for the videos and comments Stefan!

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