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  • Hello all

    I´m working on a Racing game driven by point&click. Currently for desktop, should work with mouse and touch.

    Play in the Browser at


    or download Win Osx Linux versions


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    Its a very early build, no sound and effects and place holders all around. But nevertheless would like to put a build so anyone can test. The exported file is about 55mb. Hope that's not to taxing. There are 3 cars to pick, one good, one drifter one bad. A RallyCross track and a makeshift rally stage.

    So far I´v been able to work my way in or around every obstacle Thanks to all the help I got here in the forums, the effort you all put in answering questions, making capx, tutorials and plugs is invaluable. And of course Construct2 ease of use. Thank you all.


    1 Shadow/ effects and Instruction page

    2 itch.io hosting and menu tweeks

  • I should have put up some documentation explaining the controls. (updated links with new build includes instructions page)

    The car accelerates toward the mark and brakes when near/over it. You can click on the car to brake at anytime.

    Placing a mark on the back inside a 2/3 car length distance simulates pushing the handbrake (the mark turns blue).

    When stoped, placing a mark on the back/side inside a half car length distance simulates backing the car.

    I´m trying to get an easy control to get in but hard to master, with room for player style.

    One of the features to implement is to let the player tweak the car mechanics affecting the handling adapting it to the player style/ track / weather.

    Thank for looking.

    Full Lap Video: https://youtu.be/VJgex24qYZg

  • Update changed hostin to itch.io: http://arado.itch.io/rally-racing

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  • I love these type of top down racing games, can't wait to see how this turns out. Interesting that you made it point & click though. Never seen that before.

  • Interested to see why this is a point and click

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