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  • I played around with the physics yesterday, and it's evolving into a wrestling game. The base engine is pretty much done.

    Controls for player1:

    Arrow key up makes you jump up

    Arrow key left makes you go left

    Arrow key right makes you go right

    Controls for player2:

    W up makes you jump up

    A left makes you go left

    D right makes you go right

    When your wrestler is in contact with the ring or walls you can move, otherwise you have no control.


    Floppy fun!

    When you hit or get hit in the head, you bleed and you see your skull, alá the newer Mortal Kombat games. Skull is only visible for player1 at the moment.

    You start with 5 in health, each hit decreases it by 1

    If you are hit in the head when health is 1 or lower, your head comes off.

    If you hit the ring or walls with your head or body, you get damaged.

    2 sound effects - 1 for getting hit, 1 for hitting the floor

    Super early, but pretty fun in my own opinion. There is no way to win yet, or any fancy features.



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  • Update: Now featuring a character creator with a robust set of parts to choose from!

    Left click the parts to scroll forward, right click to scroll backwards, or just hit the random button for a randomized wrestler.

    If I did not goof up, you should start at the main menu. Note that there are no bells and whistles yet, the menues are ugly and merely placeholders. Thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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