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  • hi!

    I'm working on a project "My Treasures!" (

    formerly "Massive Treasures"


    It's a hack and slay treasure hunting jump & run

    It's still alpha but I would like to show and request for your opinion so far.

    Would you give it a try and post your thoughts and critics please?


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  • Really nice start! The Spelunky influence is clear, but I like all the little bits you've added to make it different. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  • Spelunky - ahhh - didn't know it for now

    Thanks for the hint - will try it (and get inspired)

  • Hi,

    Some bugs:

    • If you walk and jump against a wall and keep pressing left/right and up the character starts moving up the wall.
    • If you swing the pickaxe against an unbreakable wall the character jumps all over the plae
    • Overall the character jumps too much (set your collisions to bounding boxes instead of polygon shapes and centralize the image points)
    • Not sure how it happened but the character got stuck walking and I couldn't stop it I had to restart

    It's looking good. Best.

  • Thanx for feedback p0pzst,


    Can confirm the problems - will fix them.

    thnx, Ulrich

  • First enemies spotted!

    Digging deeper for treasures the first enemies where spotted.

    Looking cute but they are MONSTERS protecting the goods!!!

    (most reported bugs fixed, new demo, same link)

  • A lot of major updates are now implemented:

    • new enemies, objects, treasures
    • the game play has got an enhanced complexity (automatic difficulty level depending on the players success: higher difficulty = more fun/objects/cash)
    • the menu is growing (helpscrees, shop, ...)
    • the savegame handling (local) now works

    please give it a try (http://www.gameus.de/mytreasures) and give some feedback

    thanx, mercuryus

  • This looks great and very polished. How many working on this?

  • It took some (and will take some more) hours - up to now it's about 40-50h.

    Some details about the project?

    I startet with a prototype but I didn't liked the artwork very much. So I bought a sprite asset and startet over again with the same idea (btw - i love the C2 concept very much - thanx to Ashley, Thomas and Paulo for the great job).

    Depending on the objects of the asset I rewrote the game design document from scratch and wrote the core game functions using a sandbox level.

    On and on I added the NPC's and objects with their behavior and build the first levels with the new functions.

    At the same time the tutorial level, the menu, the sounds where implemented so far.

    Some alpha testers thought the overall gameplay is too easy other it's too hard to play so I implemented a dynamic game difficiulty system, depending on the players progress - and it gave the game a complete new challenge.

    As a result I had to redesign the existing leves for the new system.

    The next steps:

      - design the more complex puzzles for the level
      - build more levels and implement the already planned game options (e.g. viewrange, ...)
      - implement the shop system

      (the player can upgrade to more powerfull tools, to solve the later levels)

      - mix the levels background music
      - implement the login and onlinehighscore system
      - final game balancing

    (and maybe i have some additional ideas while finishing the game )

    I would love to get a lot of response on what you like/dislike - so please drop a note after you've played the game



  • update: title renamed to 'MyTreasures!'*1, first boss level implemented, splash implemented

    a huge and fast


    is the first boss blocking the exit.

    The shell protects and she spawns blue snails on her way - but she is not unbeatable (best killed with dynamite from the platforms).


    *1) I changend the title for better relation to the story behind.

    The [new] story:

    You are a treasure miner and while mining in the deep you where attacked by a huge and angry caveman.

    He won the short battle (in fact you where surprised to meet an angry human in your tunnels) and stole many of your treasures.

    Now you're prepared and on the way to get back your treasures...

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