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  • I am working on a 2D-RPG where you choose a class in the beginning and try to get as far as possible. Each level is based on a 15x15 - 20x12 grid with different enemies and surprises. You have exactly 15 (may change later) moves left to pass a level or you have to restart. 1 Move = Attack, Walk, Check. I didn't put too much thought into gameplay yet, so that's it.

    Class Ideas:


    Special: Range = 2


    Special: Doesn't take damage while passing an enemy


    Special: Walking-Range: 5

    If you have any gameplay-ideas, let me know. I will update this thread regularly.

  • Looks interesting. I was thinking each level could have several win conditions or "missions/quests" so to speak? That would give some variety. Ideas for different mission types could be.

    *kill all enemies.

    *protect resource - enemies will keep moving towards one point that you have to protect.

    *delivery - bring something from point A to B

    *sneaky - go from point A to B undetected.

    *find something. Scout the map. Hidden item is not revealed until you are 2 tiles away.

    Maybe something like that would be fun gameplay?

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  • tunepunk

    I had something like missions/quests in mind but I also want the player to pass a level without accomplishing a mission so it's up to him if he wants to so it or not. The only levels which wont be skipabale are boss-stages. Missions make the player stronger so if you end up skipping levels then u wont pass any boss level.

    I want it to be a strategic RPG where u have to plan ever move you do.

    Your ideas sound good but I wouldnt implement them as requirments to pass the level but rather to get an optional item.

    Does this gameplay idea sound interesting?

  • Fireche These types of games are always fun to play for me as long as you can get the action / fighting system done right i think people would play

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