Quickshot - Top view Shooter [30/05/2015 UPDATE !]

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  • Hello guys i'm Kakoups and today i want to show you my first game , he is unfinished but playable here is a little story about the game :


    In this game you control Quickshot , he have to survive to the mysterious red mens , they have a gun and shoot like you but they can be very quick. You can shoot too , you can also teleport yourself evry 2 seconds but be carefull when you shoot , you don't have to trust in your bullets beacause they can kill you , they fly with no limit and they only destroy themselves if they hit you , another bullet or an ennemy. The arena is so mysterious , they are four blocks but theses blocks can have different sizes and different positions and the arena can change at any moment.

    Here is a few screenshots :

    I'm gonna post her for each update , so please try it and feedback

    (Sorry for English mistake , i'm a 15yo french shcoolboy )



  • Hi guys here is the list of the change that i made for Quickshot , there is a lot of cool things in this update.

    Speed : The player is now more speedy beacause the game became difficult beacause of some others changes.

    Ennemies spawntime : Now you d'ont need to have more than 10 score to spawn the Snipers , they spawn naturally.

    The undead : The undead is a new ennemy , when he spawns for the first time if you shoot it he will transform into a gravestone and he will respawn a few moment later , when he his back he his really more stronger , you have to shoot him 3 times to really kill him

    Bosses :Two bosses are now here , when a boss is spawned no others ennemy can spawn , when you kill a boss he gives you some score determined by the difficulty of the boss.

    The traitor : In the first phase he will run throught the arena , but when he will change is phase and shoot a wave of bullet but when he his in this phase he his invincible. He have 30 HPS

    The magician :Unlike the traitor he change his phase very quickly , in the first phase he change the arena 4 in a row and in the second phase he spawns some Snipers and some Rushers(Basic ennemies). He have only 20 HPS But he his very hard

    The future of the game :I'm planning to add more ennemies and bosses to the game , also some Gamejolt trophies and a new mechanic called "Lock" , i'm working on it , i think that i will also add some others levels with their unique ennemies and unique arena mechanics , i'm still thinking about it and we we'll see the result

  • I think you're doing an excellent job for your fist game bro.

    Thoughts -

    Tighten up the player movement controls a bit, feels too slippery imo. Add WASD movement plz

    Fix the cross-hair image point - it is rotating around one of its edges which really annoys me.

    Some destructible terrain would be cool I think, just something here and there every time the level rearranges itself.

    With a tiny bit more polish this will be good enough to put on a lot of sites.

  • nice work, could do with some better pathfinding though

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  • Thanks for your replies guts blohod Po10c! WASD is a good idea but i didnt noticed that before beacause i'm french ^^ but i'm gonna add it , yeag the cross hair is not really good i will change it and destructible terrain is a good idea i will work on it , i'm want to work on pathfinding too but i'm pretty terrible with pathfinding so i d'ont really know how can i improve the ennemies pathfinding :/

  • Kakoups You could use a sprite attached to the enemy kinda like a nose, that when it overlaps the obstacles the enemy should turn in a direction - overriding the normal chase behavior until it gets around the obstacle.

    Don't know if it will actually work, as I haven't tried it myself, but it works in theory.

  • I tried but it doesnt work , i took a lot of time to reply beacause i was in exam period and i couldnt continue the game but now i can

  • Hi guys i've worked long and i'm about to post the new update about my game , this game includes a whole new interface and some other new graphics , a new charachter , lifes and other changes , here there is some screenshots , please share my game to your friends and thanks for reading

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