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  • So I have been working on this project for around a year now, it’s been an extremely difficult road and it went through some major game design changes. It's a very ambitious project but I have managed to collect a few good people to work together on this. Soon to go to kickstarter, Now things are picking up and I think its time to share what this game is all about!

    Quest Board, much like classic point and click adventure games such as Full Throttle, Monkey Island and modern adventure titles such as Broken Age. It will deliver some new twists to the genera such as action sequences, and battle shout abilities which have an effect on your environment and npc's.

    What’s it about?

    Quest Board is about a struggling hero who has always been competing with his rival over the most dangerous and rewarding quests in the land, after years of competing he finally lost.. not just a quest but lost touch with reality and has taken up a career in the circus. 

    Not long after an evil returns, the princess is kidnaped..

    Having yet to realise that these two rivals efforts alone in their new situation will not solve the problem, their paths collide and are forced to work together. Learning to cope with one another they make an excellent team without realising it.


    These unque shouts are based on the elements earth, air, fire and water. You will be able to use and experiement with them on your surroundings and on npc characters to progress through the game or just to have some fun.



    Unlike most point and click adventure games we are bringing you action! Sort of like what Full Throttle brought you except Quest board will be delivering a little bit more in its own way.


    You will collect many useful items througout the game to interact with or use on your environment. This will pretty much stay true to classic adventure games.

    Pointing and clicking!

    Just like the old fashioned point and click games you are used to, we will have many hot points in the environment which the player will be able to interact with. For game progression or just for fun you can explore the world and see for your self that there is much more to do.

    The background art, this is a work in progress.

    The Vikings Home

    Inside The Vikings Home

    A future puzzle background.

    Town Square

    I plan on keeping this updated as much as possible, so stay tuned.

  • Very nice, inside the vikings house looks sooo amazing

  • Nice Art! i'll be watching this

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  • Ize: Thank you!

    IndieKiwi: Thank you very much, I spent a lot of time on it. Soon I'll be animating much of the objects in the room to give it life. I should be uploading a gif of that in the future.

  • The art looks fantastic. And we needed a point & click game for C2!

  • alvarop: Thank you! I think there were a few point and click adventure games for C2 actually.

  • This is just a terribly short clip of a hot spot in action, you can even see some distortion from the glass oil lamp.

  • I've watched old gameplay of the game before you make it point and click.

    I can say awesome art, and good luck on your kickstarter campaign.

  • A0Nasser: Yeah it was more of an action game originally, the project was too large and honestly it didn't fit the overall theme. And thank you!

  • The animation is really nice.

  • Awesome graphics! Do you have a demo of this game?

  • Leaufai: Thank you!

    metallive: The demo is still under construction, eventually you can expect it when we get closer to doing our kickstarter campaign, I will post in the forums when that happens. And thank you!

  • lovely! I like point&click games. I love your artwork.

  • Looks really good, congratulations! What are you using to animate it?

  • Oh wow, looks really cool! Being a fan of point 'n clicks I'll follow this one for sure.

    Nice Skyrim references and the graphics remind the style of Hearthstone in a good way.

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