Quasar - my 20 space combat levels games plus 21 platformer

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  • Hello im a brazilian indie dev.. and im building a game called Quasar, it has 20 levels os space combat and in between them a platformer level.

    I already have all space levels ready and still building my fifth platformer level yet.

    Here are the concepts of the robot that are in the platform level with a screen shot of it.

    here is the concept robot of the platform level..

    here is the platform level with a diferent char..

    Here is the story behind the game...

    In the year 2056, earth was facing several problems with superpopulation and hunger.

    Tecnology have evolved in a way that our civilization had already reached the stars, but we still lack me main force that could not only solve all all planets problems but also could lead us to a new form of travel and to be able to colonize space and go beyond.

    The main force was energy, and the solution was Quasar.

    Quasar is a energy source that exist in our universe that ha potention to have a galaxy inside its core, it was always controvertial to try to create this type of energy also to be able to harvest.

    But when mankind was able to create a Quasar in a controlde enviroment, it was natural that others civilizations that was always watching us but never interfere, to make a stand and try to remove that type of power from our hands.

    So they obliterated mankind listening post at alpha centaury, on they way to reach our solar system.

    So we were only be able to take our Quasar prototype reactor, and put in one of our ships to at least try to make a stand, and prevent our civilization of total destruction.

    And now, you are here.

    You are the pilot.

    You hold the Quasar power.

    And there is teh game for you guys to test it.


  • look sound menu and action is good.

    I choosed the touch control but it did ot work for me.

    The space ship is flipping instantly and only moves in a short distance arround he pulsar object.

  • Looks good and would love to give it a go but obviously doesn't work with keyboard/mouse and couldn't get touch controls to work on my tablet.

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  • The diferent controls are for use in the app.. but here in a pc the controls Will work using the arrow keys.

    Try to test using web browser and computer.

    The Arrow of the keyboard Will work

  • ...but it would be also great to use the mouse only with the pc

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