Quantum Blast (Liero style game) Update 1.06

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  • Hi all.

    Im building a Liero style action platform shooter (with grappling & splitscreen)

    Developer Blog: http://iequalspace.nl/wp/quantumblast/

    Dev Video 5: http://youtu.be/ZwKrbeWvEvo

    Current version 1.06


    This update

    1: New assault rifle.

    2: New phantom bomb.

    3: Many additional building blocks.

    4: Larger level.

    5: Enhanced grappling features.

    6: Some updated graphics.

    Details: Quantum Blast

    Is going to be in the style of the old Liero game, but with a personal twist.

    It means u can Grapple like spiderman and are loaded with Crazy guns/mines/turrets to blast your friends into quantumness.

    The game has local multiplayer (Splitscreen).

    Current dev state: V1.06

    Release date: When Ready

    Current Controls (Xbox360 PC controller)

    Left analog stick = left right

    Right analog stick = aim up down

    Right analog stick pressed = grappling hook

    Left analog stick up/down = activate grappling up or down

    Left trigger = jump/double jump/release grappling

    Left analog stick when grappling (hanging) left right = swing left/right

    Right trigger = fire gun

    Left shoulder button =Select previous weapon

    Right shoulder button = Select next weapon

    Dpad Right = Buildmode & select next block

    Dpad Left = Buildmode& select previous block

    Dpad down = Exit Buildmode




    Level Logic

    Weapon tree

    Double Jump Yetpack

    Character Animation

    3 weapons of 11 (current max is not final)

    Block Building system

    Art style chosen

    Sound fx

    Level Editor

    Level Saving System

    Build Blocks (keep adding them)

    Larger Level

    Quantum Bomb

    Additional Grappling Features

    New Assault Rifle

    In Game UI Design


    Im open to suggestions for this game

  • Dev video is updated to v1.02

  • This looks really fun!

  • Thanx MrGoatsnake

    Added new Pixelated art style & Block/Base building option.

    New video later this day.

  • Dev Video 3 Uploaded (With Speech)

    Game version 1.04

    What are your thoughts on Quantum Blast?

  • Dev Video 4 Uploaded (With Speech)

    Game version 1.05

    Turret added

  • Interesting idea.

    The SplitScreen is made with the Canvas Plugin ?

    Keep up the good work

  • tgeorgemihai


    In this case its ROJOhounds Paster plugin.

    But thats the little brother of the canvas plugin.

  • I also work at a small game that uses SplitScreen and at the moment I am using ROJOhound's Canvas Plugin. But from what I understand, Paster should be faster with WebGL (even trough the Canvas have more options then Paster)... How did you manage to copy/paste parts of Layout using Paster (since it doesn't have the option to "Paste Layer") ?

  • tgeorgemihai

    This is how i did it.

    I learned it from a example somewhere on the forum

    The order in which u paste is the "new" Z order.

    So the normal z order in C2 does not apply anymore when pasting.

    The best thing about the paster is that u can utilize all webgl effects.

    Please let me know when u post your game on the forum.

  • Thank you very much Basically you copy each sprite separately into the Paster object.

    The same method (events) I was using in Canvas, but instead of pasting each sprite separately, I used the event "Paste Layer into canvas" (currently available only in Canvas).

    I will notice you when I'll complete my game (or at least the first version)

    I know that you probably use placeholder sprites, but in the future, as a suggestion would be to upgrade a little the graphics

  • Thanx for the suggestion!

    As for the graphics of Quantum Blast:

    I feel what you are saying.

    However i do not intent on making this game the best pixelworthy eyecandy.

    Im just not there yet on the graphic side of game development.

    That is why in first i chose this pixelated art style.

    And appart from my choice, i realy like old looking games.

    I do however improve these pixel graphics as the game development unfolds.

    Its a fun learning process for me.

    So yes, some graphics u see are placeholders, but in general this style is what im aiming for.

    And for what people are missing graphicly, game play will balance.

    Recently i have adopted tiles from Kenney his free assets pack.

    They are goodlooking and perfect for my pixel art game.

    Tomorrow i wil be uploading my new Dev video to youtube which shows what currently can be done with the level editor of Quantum Blast.

    I hope u like what u see in that version.

    Thanx for the helpful feedback on my game!

    It drives me greater forward.

  • New Dev Video 5

    Game version V1.06

    Feedback is Great!

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  • Quantum Blast has had a big game changer.

    And because of this, it no longer carries the name QB.

    80% of the original game mechanics have been removed.

    Whats left is a solid, fun, and really competitive 2 player vs game.

    When ready, the final update will be put here.

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