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  • Hi guys, I've been using C2 for a while and I wanted to show you my current project

    It's a remake of an Android game I made last year, called Pixel Puzzle. The goal is to reproduce images by sliding pixels, just like a 2D Rubik's Cube.

    Now I'm remaking and improving this game in HTML5 You can find the latest version here : http://zoglu.net/pxpz2/ (the interface is quite simplistic for now, but it's playable)

    Current features :

    • Basic gameplay mechanics
    • Easy-to-learn level editor, just draw something, slide some pixels and submit your levels so other people can play them ! It's possible to create some fun levels in about 60 seconds !
    • Share your levels with a link : for instance, clicking http://zoglu.net/pxpz2/lvl-pickaxe will automatically start the "Pickaxe" level, and your browser's URL automatically changes when you enter a level, so you just have to copy/paste its URL to share it

    Planned features :

    • A set of 160+ "official" levels, ordered by difficulty
    • Account system to keep track of your progress, maybe within a Facebook app
    • Level rating
    • More level editor options : grouped pixels, hide level solution

    I'd really like to know if the game is enjoyable, and if it works well on most devices. You can also create some levels and share them if you want !

    Thanks for playing, and feel free to make some constructive criticism

  • Nice one! Played it a couple of times. Worked as intended with Opera and firefox. It is clever and addictive. I will recommend it!

  • Thank you, I'm glad to learn it works well in Opera (only tested Chrome & Firefox).

    I'll be adding more levels soon, and also an account system so people can save their progress.

  • Hi, thanks for this answer. How do you tkinh I cound improve the buttons? What didn't you like about them?

  • Nice game mechanic, makes me want to invent new puzzle game. I noticed that when starting to sliding into one axis then decided to drag to another axis, the active sliding axis change to that one. Is it extra feature ?

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  • Actually, it only works if you didn't move any pixel when sliding into the first axis. If you slide enough to move a pixel, the slide axis is locked until you stop clicking.

    I added this to help players selecting and moving pixels with ease, especially with touch screens

  • Ah my guess was right. You didn't made axis locking too strictly to give player some flexibility. I love clever control & subtle mechanic behind it.

  • Yeah, for example I didn't want the player to touch a pixel while moving slightly to the right, and then being forced to move horizontally.

    I like having such intuitive control tweaks in games. For instance, in a platformer, jumping just right after falling from a platform or just before landing. Or in Pacman, moving the stick and change direction just before a turn

  • Me too. I made prototype platformer that utilize wall slide, wall jump, analog, anticipate & tolerance jump. I think we share the commons thing here.

    Responsive and intuitive control is all the way.

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