Puzzle Platformer (Gory Edition)

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  • I have decided to start a devlog to help keep me motivated and organized on my new project. So I will post my progress here during the development.

    I don't have a name for the game yet but it will be a puzzle platformer. But don't let the cute graphics fool you. The game will be quite violent and gory I also want it to have a lot of humor.

    The concept and the game mechanics will be created on the fly. And if you have any ideas you think fits the projekt, please let me know

    So to start things off I've created the main character and all of the graphics I'll end up making will have this type of art style.





  • Cool art. Not sure about the orange colour on his eyes, though. Can we see some in-game screenshots soon?

  • Thank you. That isn't his eyes it is his eye sockets. He doesn't have any eye whites. But I can see why you thought it was his eye. I'll change that now to make it clearer

    Yeah, I'll post some in-game screenshots soon

  • Ok, I updated the character and gave him proper eyes. You were right. Thank you! You can see the updated version in the top post.

  • Did you use spriter to make this?

  • No, my art and animations are made entirely in Flash. I think Flash works well enough for my projects. And when I work with pixel art and animtations I usually use photoshop.

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  • Made some tiles and props so I can test the game and hopefully discover some useful game mechanics. Made the boxes "pushable" so far and some spears that kill you on collision


    And one of many death animations:


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