PuzCro - Early stage demo version (Scirra Arcade)

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  • https://www.scirra.com/arcade/puzzle-games/puzcro-1773

    This is a proof of concept version of a simple puzzle game. Target of the game is to organize coloured squares to groups of same color (as shown before suffling the squares). Click arrows to move squares in a row or a column, and click center area to rotate squares in the blue center area 180 degrees.

    There are only few squares on the screen and not many possible moves, but even if it looks easy, the harder "pro" skill level is guaranteed to make your brain hurt.

    Comments and ideas are very welcome.

    Things done:

    • Basic gameplay
    • Two skill levels

    Things to be done:

    • Better graphics
    • Animated moves
    • Music & improved sounds
    • Two more skill levels for those who seek more challenge
    • Statistics: fastest times, average of five solves in row, least moves
    • Color blind assist mode

    Do you think I have an idea worth developing here?

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  • Very good, Its a bit like rubik's cube but without the extra face, worth developing it into, people love puzzles.

  • Thanks!

    I updated this to V0.02 today. The "pro" level is muxh easier now with slightly different game mechanism. I don't want to make learning curve too steep, and I can increase the difficulty in next levels.

    I also found a very critical bug in the first version. Sometimes it scrambled to a state that was impossible to solve. I'm very sorry about that. Nothing is more annoying than an impossible puzzle.

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