Push The Button [Scirra GameJam Entry]

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  • My 2015 Scirra GameJam Entry for Newgrounds|Scirra "Deception"


    The world is overpopulated and a great culling is upon us.

    The world is about to be culled to 2 million. If you were lucky to have you name appear on the lottery list, then you will be among a guaranteed 1 million to be a part of the new world.

    Unfortunately, billions were not on that list.

    Push the button - it is simple, the last living million still pushing the button will join the lottery list and live

    Push The Button

    Damn, I wanted to do so much, unfortunately I ran out of time for this game jam.

    I wanted to create a situation where you feel guilty by the choices you make in trying to ensure your families survival.

    I only managed to finish 1 puzzle, but in actuallity it is a process of 10 plus puzzles, all with one goal: Hacking the system.

    I wanted to create a smartphone feeling to enable touch control, so obviously this was designed to be accessed via smartphone.

    Please allow fullscreen to get the max experience.

    I Appologize I ran out of time... I hate submitting incomplete work, but I submitted in hope you see what I was trying to achieve and enjoy the experience of it.

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  • Hey Dutoit,

    Pretty good for a 5 min experience! I pushed the button for a while before I realised you could swipe to get to the apps, lol. I really like the concept and the intro story did well in setting the mood for the game. It's a shame you ran out of time, with more development I could see something like this going viral.

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