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  • This game was submitted for the itch.io Cyberpunk gamejam. Take a look, try out and have fun.... I hope



  • It was an interesting rough draft of a game. I liked the storytelling style at the beginning and "end".

    What really annoyed me was when enemy bikers could disappear offscreen. They could hit me and I couldn't tell what was going on. I also couldn't hear one sound effect or music at all. On the third level I noticed the biker closest to the bottom of the screen was getting his head covered up by another biker which looked very odd. So what all is the Cyberpunk gamejam?

  • TheDoctor

    The gamejam is an itch.io jam. http://itch.io/jam/cyberpunk-jam

    Totally understand about the bikers going off the screen. However in 3 days of programming we had to make some concessions. So our short time solution was that if any biker goes off the screen; on the next logic tick they would be forced into chase mode exlusivly. So I totally understand as we just used the offscreen event. Now that the jam is over I plan to make a few AI changes and add few small features.

    errr. ummm. magic? no. That's just missed overlapping when the copy pasting of bikers.

    Thanks for the good feedback much appreciated. Will probably modifier the offscreen check to an < X > and keep them more forcefully centered..... hmm or maybe we will lean the AI based on distance and skill.

  • Not that bad for a fast made game really

    Lika a mutant off castlevania and some Contra Levels;-)

    Good luck!

  • Very cool that intro

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  • Hey thanks appreciate the comments.

    You right the neon whip chain has a Castlevania feel and the biker theme does have a Contrast vibe... LOL. I was going for an Akira biker gang feel. Works out well

    Thanks for the comic intro. We wanted to set the pace for a story, but avoid words as much as possible. That way anyone from any language could get into the game. Though the title is the exception

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