Proxy Wars - Armored Operations

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  • Hi scirra community,

    it all started when I wanted to show off to my 6 year old: "Daddy can create a game himself, you know?"

    He was enthusiastic in the beginning because things went pretty fast and we could play together. He wanted to add more and more features and hated my answer: "too complex, takes too much time, maybe later". He then despised the game as it took me more and more time only to fix bugs. Well I still wanted to finish it and continued and continued...

    Anyway, would love to get your comments about it. It's basically a simple variation of Z (the ancient Bitmaps Brother game) but as a real time 2 player version. I wanted to test some of the cool things in construct with the multiplayer object on top of the list but also pathfinding, physics, positional audio etc. It was quite some fun.

    Originally it was designed to require a second player but then I realized that this prevents people from even testing the game as there won't be enough players to join in time. So I added a simple single player level which I'm about to improve. It's still quite tough as the AI is very aggressive. Try for yourself.

    Proxy Wars

    Ok, hope to get some input from you.


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  • Impressive game! I'd love to see how you built it.

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