My Project In Progress (Therindal Forest)

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  • Hello all!

    Firstly, I am a student studying Game Design in California and this is my first game!

    I am currently developing a unique platformer that has RPG elements. I wanted to give a classic-style game a different sort of gameplay than what we are all used to. I have completed a working Level and would LOVE if you all could check it out, comment what you think, and give the current progress a rating. It'll help a lot with development! Level 2 is designed on paper, and every detail worked out, I just need to get started making it a reality. In the meantime, try to master what I already have! There's been a few players already and none besides me have beaten it since the leaderboard was added (that's not to say its entirely difficult to do, it just takes a few tries to learn how to navigate the course quickly)

    Over time I will update the artwork and mechanics/controls for the game. I want to focus on getting some more content in there right now, however.

  • Hi! Can you give us a link to your game?

  • Well I found it by looking at your profile and finished the first level

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  • Totally meant to post a link! Oops D:

    Here it is: ... -103-22044

    Also, thanks for the feedback!

    Question: Did you mean hard as in a difficult level to complete, or a difficult concept to create?

    I agree that the Mana is a little useless at the moment. I really just wanted to limit the player to only shooting a few bolts at a time instead of just spamming it. I will tweak the level later to make it more important to shoot when it counts.

    Also, the next level will be centered more around shooting enemies and escaping danger than beating a time limit so mana/ammo will come into play in a bigger way there.

    And finally, I am going to look at a better way to start the layout. I agree that using your mouse for one click is kinda... well.. odd.

    Again, thank you for your feedback! I'll be working on this project for quite a while <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Yes I meant hard as a difficult level to complete. I mean it's not that hard, but I think you should start with very simple and shorter levels, introducing all the elements and growing in complexity, like a first level without moving platforms or ennemies, then you add the moving platform (slow ones first), then the ennemies, etc. People will get used to the gameplay and won't get frustrated by dying or failing at the very beginning

  • I don't disagree! I will put this into consideration

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