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  • I finally have a presentable enough alpha version of my current project to share. It's called Project: Blast Box (name pending)! The premise is simple. Build things to blow them up.

    It's extremely early days right now. I'm getting the basic framework setup and the kinks worked out. After I'm done with that I'll get a scoring system up and running followed by some introductory objectives and game modes.

    So what do I intend to do with Project: Blast Box? I'd like to progress is and keep it going for a good long while. I intend to monetize it through a couple of small ads eventually and maybe donations. Otherwise, it'll always be free. I want as many people to be able to enjoy it as possible. I plan to keep adding random objectives and things as I go.

    So, what are you waiting for! Give it a try and tell me what you think!

    Copied and pasted from my project page from my website (mostly so I don't have to retype the controls).

    Project Blast Box: Builds things up to blow them up!

    Project Blast Box is a simple sandbox game in very early development. The object of the game is simple – build things, whatever you want, to blow them up.

    How To Play

    Gameplay is simple! Build things. Place your explosives. Blow them up! Use the arrow keys to move around the screen. Click anywhere on the screen you want a brick to appear. All bricks are able to be dragged and dropped so move them wherever is needed. After you’re all set, place a few explosives around the screen (change to explosives with the orange box). Then click the button(the cheery bomb icon) next to the reset button to blow everything up! When you’re ready, hit the reset button (the circle arrow icon) to start again.

    Project Blast Box (name pending) is still in very early development. This game is a hobby project I intend to build on for a while. After I get the framework of the game built I will continue on with various other features, missions, etc… Check back often to see how progress is going! I decided to produce this game rather publicly. I realize that this might turn away some players by playing an unfinished product, but I thought it would be fun to let everyone see changes as they go. I will upload the changes as often as possible.

    Update 10/29/2014

    Some more tweaks were made. Mostly small stuff in the background.

    Block counts were added. This continues to build on the framework to add missions and objectives later one. It also helps to keep the game from crashing the browser from adding to many blocks (mainly balls).

    Update 10/24/2014

    It has been a busy few days. I wanted to get something presentable for people to play with. I reorganized the images, made some placeholder images for the objects, and setup UI graphics. Project Blast Box is much more presentable now!

    So here's the changes:

      All new menu and UI graphics (biggest change) Added a ball object to play with Changed some physics properties of the objects Behind the scenes tweaks to make future development easier

    Update 10/20/2014

    I’ve made a few changes for the good. I’ve decided to do the #30daydev challenge on Twitter as a chance to try and learn some new things and progress Project Blast Box a little further.

    So here are the changes (not uploaded at this time):

      Added triangle shapes to the game play. Started to expand the background with placeholder images. Played with a little bit of the physics. Started designing the menu.
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  • just want to point out this poblem: the icon for blowing up and placing bombs are the same, it confused me a lot, and it's bad cause it seems we cant go back when we click on the blowing up icon.

    And it's not saving the emplacement of everything after the bombs explode, that could be somehting to add.

    Appart from that I guess you made pretty much what you wanted to do with this game, I don't know if it can really be an interesting game, but it's fine, Maybe you could add fonctionnalities that would make it more meaningful, like objectives, success, or I dunno' what

  • Thanks for the feed back! I do need to find a different icon for the explosion. That makes sense.

    I like the idea of allowing a way to go back to a previous state before the explosion. I'll add that in. Doesn't seem like something hard to do and I'd rather give the player options.

    It's still early days. I plan on adding objectives and such. I need to implement the scoring system first. The objectives and missions I intend to keep adding for a long time. It'll be a long term project. After the initial set is completed, more and more will be added along the way.

  • More updates!

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