Project Announcement: "Quiz Quest: A Trivia Adventure" Android/PC

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  • Hello Everyone,

    It has been awhile since I have done any game development and I have decided to dust off an idea I have been sitting on for awhile now. It is inspired by Capcom's "Quiz and Dragons" arcade from the 90s which I loved playing back in the day. Do to my lack of drawing talent I am using some assets I purchased back in 2018 as the character set which gives a more playful feel. I hope down the road to re-skin to make it more serious to hopefully target other audiences.

    Plan to release on PC and in Google Play store. I'll post updates as the project progresses.

    Release: Summer 2020

    Thanks for any interest.

  • Title Draft

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  • Player Select Screen

  • Been working on the Question/Battle screen

  • Still making progress. Updates to Quiz screen, board screen(in progress) and game over

  • More Updates from the weekend

    World Map

    Intro Screens

  • Making progress on the programming side/SE and music and not much graphical design except tweaking player select.

    I cannot seemt o upload pictures ATM.

  • Finished adding the Game tiles for all enemies into Construct2. 49 total Enemies to battle math with :)

  • Enemy Cards in trivia board

  • Added the practice section to the game where players can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to gear up for going through the story mode. It turned out better than i was expecting.

    Also added some special animations/characters to appear while they practice if they stay in the same discipline for 60, 120, 180 seconds....more of those to come. Figure it adds a little surprise for the player getting bored working on math :)

    Screenshots coming soon.

  • Hey everyone this is still moving along but just haven't really made any graphical changes. I feel this should be ready to start exporting by the end of the month.

    Then it's learning how to get to iOS(have not done before)

    And Getting back to Google Play now that my APK packaging Cocoon is no longer being updated.

    I hope to post more info and maybe a short video of the game playing once I get it on an iPad. Thanks to whoever is following along.


  • I feel the game is about 95% complete. Trying to play through the game but keep finding bugs. Once I get a few play troughs done with out too many issues I am going to send out to my testers.

    Hopefully before the end of October.

  • I saw the game on youtube, didn't know it.

    Did the original one have math questions like yours? Could turn out it can became a nice studying game

    As the video on youtube, I hope there will be Bosses asking "Do you think you can handle MY QUESTIONS?" :P

  • no the original was trivia only and I do plan to do a trivia down the road but thought the math one would be an easier entry point :)

    I do have bosses and there are quotes...when you defeat them :)

  • There is a beta release on Google Play and iOS is pending approval!!!!!!!


    Thanks for all the help and support as this project progressed!

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