Pretty Stuck... Horrible pathfinding bug.

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  • Hey all,

    Full disclosure, I'm using EasyStar from another member of this forum, but I don't think this particular error is related (at least, if it is, I'm kinda screwed because it's the linchpin of the entire AI).

    So, I'll start off with ... this is a HUGE project based on a $5000 Kickstarter and about a year or two of my life, so, please take heart that it's not easy for me to put up something this large, or that I want to monetize, but it's been weeks and I can not get past this bug and I figure, maybe one of your eyes will do it.

    The capx is attached... It's humongous.

    I realize you may be totally unable to help given the sheer magnitude of the project.

    Here's the repro steps.

    1. Load University Level layout.

    2. Play the game.

    3. Since all the debug shit is enabled, all you have to do is wait. In a variable amount of time, one of the AI will walk across the screen and trigger a Javascript ARR_PLUGIN.JS cannot read property '0' of undefined (e.g. an array out of bounds error). The problem is, I have *no* idea why this is happening.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, and I'll happily put you in the credits. Looking forward to finishing this and getting it on Steam by launch day (Jun 30).




  • Your CustomerData array is set at 280 but you only have 271 names. You reference CustomerDataArray.Height in your random() call but since there aren't 280 items, as soon as you go over the actual data, it runs off of the array and crashes.

  • Oh sweet God. Let me fix that and let you know, if that's it, I'll poop. Thanks for your eyes, I appreciate that.

  • That seems to have fixed it. I have been fighting with this thing for weeks. I could literally buy you a beer. If you'd like a credit, let me know. This sucker's up to go on Steam at the end of June and that was a major blocking point for me. Unfortunately, when you have your eyes on a project for so long, you tend to lose sight of these kinds of simple things.

    Ugh, thanks so, so much!

  • Ricethin if it's fixed I would recommend removing your capx asap.

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  • That's kind of you. I'll take care of that now.

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