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  • Hello everyone,

    Some of you know me as a cool game developer, but my main job is to be a serious software developer

    I am working on a software for the e-shop Prestashop, i wanted to know if some people would be interested as well by this software.

    The software will contains these features :

    Stock management

    Product editing

    Product features editing

    Category editing

    But of course if i see that it will be useful for some of you, i can add new features when asked

    Tell me what do you think, i hope you will find something fitting your expectations here.

    And no worries, i still work on my games

    Seeya everyone !

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  • Heya everyone !

    Just to tell you what i've done this week on this project :

    I added some functionalities to the C2 plugins, so now AJAX and NWjs can work with binary data (like images) and it's awesome ! I'm super proud to have done this because i know alot of you ask to Scirra developers to add this. If you want i can share with everyone the upgraded plugins.

    So now my software can send images to Prestashop. It's something very important and i didnt added it in the main features because i had to know if it was possible to work with binary data first. Now everything is ok.

    And about the software, really ?

    I did a connection screen, and a menu. WOW i know you are so impressed !

    When i will have interesting screens i'll post them here.

    Thanks to follow me and seeya soon !

    Don't forget to tell me what you expect to do with this software so i can work on it and fit your expectations.

  • Hello everyone,

    After looking on some softwares, i've seen some companies doing a complete solution which contains a lot of market places linked, so you can manage all your accounts with only one software.

    Do you think i should do the same ? Using Amazon Webservices for example, or Ebay, PriceMinister and so on ?

    Thank you

  • Hello everyone !

    This summer i worked alot on this software and i added a lot of new functionalities.

    For a first release the software will be able to manage CDiscount and Prestashop orders and stock. I think it is a good start.

    Then i will add Amazon support and with your suggestions i can add more and more things.

    Don't be shy and come telling your needs so i can add them in my Todo list

    Thanks and see you soon !

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